Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Language of Being

The fastest way to get into shape, would be to design and perform exercises for the express purpose of shaping the body -- into the ideal condition one wants to be in -- just as one would run a mile, perform a gymnastic routine, play a basketball game, master any objective -- while cutting out all the extraneous activity that merely burns calories and produces other (unpleasant) side effects, although many claim some kind of “high” from sweating profusely in heart-pounding activities.

It’s an adrenaline rush -- which a small percentage of the population finds intoxicating and addictive, but most people do not -- just as with drug or alcohol abuse, or racing cars at life-threatening speeds, etc. That is not an attractive and compelling experience for most people -- though it undoubtedly is with a small percentage of the population. Even the notion of perpetually competing and winning at everything, and at all costs, appeals to a small segment of the population -- but not everybody.

One wants to be careful about extrapolating the freakish onto the mainstream population, if the idiosyncrasy is a defect rather than a more generalized healthy response. Very obviously and simply, those who want to get into shape, want to effect that shape as quickly and as dramatically as possible -- but are sold the bill of goods about heart health, longevity, cardiovascular functioning, biannual checkups, body composition testing, personal training, supervision and computerized monitoring, nutritional supplements, inspirational books and tapes, various apparatus, better sex life, etc., before they are allowed to reach the pot at the end of the rainbow -- or embark on any directly productive activity.

But once one gets past all the toll keepers and gatekeepers, it should be obvious, that a person whose sole desire is to get into shape, should design movements that do JUST that. And people do -- but it is not heavily advertised, publicized and sensationalized.. The hucksters insist the public demands a gimmick -- and could never simply accept the simple truth of anything

Have they ever tried, or is that just their justification and rationalization for their particular commercial angle? A lot of people are (self-)deceived in this matter -- mistaking the question, what is the quickest, fastest, easiest way to get into the condition one desires -- and how to make the most money in this marketing opportunity, and build up a lifetime clientele and stream of income?

The muscles in the body can be trained to be in shape -- the shape one wants. The people who do it routinely are the artist, or figure models. A few others effect it subliminally -- such as actors and performers. It’s a matter of learning how to use the muscles to create that effect -- of being in condition. That makes the biggest difference in being in shape -- looking like one is in shape. It’s a huge variable -- in any condition. If one learned just that, that would be 90% of getting into the shape and condition one desires to look in.

Some might call that body language. It is the essential expression of the body. It is the language of the body -- its statement of being.


At November 24, 2005 12:43 PM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

That’s right, most people are out of shape because they’ve never learned how to look in shape -- that is, to look their best, in whatever present condition they’re in. They don’t have a template in their neuromuscular conditioning that allows them to be in that condition. All they have is a poor mental image that they reinforce, no matter what they do. That’s not going to make them appear to be a world-class athlete, or reasonable facsimile of one. One doesn’t need to run a marathon or lift weights for 2-3 hours each day. One can just look like one does -- which is a skill all of its own.

One sees it a lot on these infomercials -- particularly for cosmetics, in which an average looking person is transformed before our eyes into a world-class beauty. Most people fall into the 60% average range. Then there are 15% who will be substantially above or below average. Finally, there are the 5% at the extremes -- that usually comprise the core of participants in that activity. From that pool of genetic freaks, they further refine the top 5%. Those people have very little in common with the rest of the universe.

But 60% easily are average people who have never placed great importance on looking like they’re in shape, which is the primary indicator above all else, by which a person is assessed to be in shape. If one looks healthier than any other human being the doctor has ever seen in his office, “there’s nothing wrong with you.” One can’t look supremely healthy unless the individual is healthy. That is a measure of health; the bottom line. People not in good health, look that way. It’s a total thing.

A person in good health radiates positive energy. A person in poor health, sucks up energy from everybody they can -- and destroys everything of competence and beauty they encounter. Seeing a thing of beauty, sends such unhealthy personalities into a rage of jealousy, resentment, envy, bitterness. They do not embody grace and beauty.

Unfortunately, in these times, a few rise to prominent positions in which they attack others -- as though that were enough to ensure their own importance and abilities. But all that negativity destroys their own bodies in the self-evident way. The concentration of such personality types create toxic environments healthy persons quit and move on. The resulting culture inevitably self-destructs because there is no sustaining life energy; those remaining in such cultures, actually keep new life and energy out.

That is the pattern of deterioration and death.


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