Thursday, April 06, 2006

Being Better

From reading the popular information sources, it would be difficult or even impossible to believe that one could get any better, or that one should even entertain such a notion, other than in the only approved of manner -- which is to assure lifetime, maximum health care coverage, from the most dreaded conditions and fate possible -- as the categorical imperative of our lives.

Absent from this consideration is the much greater one of entertaining the possibility of much greater health than has ever been imagined by most people -- accustomed as they have been conditioned and educated to think, that health is simply the temporary absence of overwhelming and debilitating disease and injury -- and not preparation for the much greater possibility of life in supreme health imaginable to just a deranged few. So our conditioning (education) for life is backwards -- in preparing for the worst, and not the best -- and so we are conditioned also, to only look for the worst, which is death, disease and destruction, even while the great majority of life, is quite otherwise.

Such is the morbid preoccupation of our media, schools and universities, which heretofore, have been the major conservators and transmitters of information (knowledge). It seems that the even more and greater danger they can discover, the more funding they will receive for their studies, and the more the demagogues of the world, will pay attention to them and evoke their images of doom and gloom.

So the notion that things, societies and lives are actually improving, is not the perception propagated, but discounted and dismissed -- in the easy sources of information, or “news.” That latter, is not information one seeks to make one’s life better, but is information one receives to make one’s life worse. Certainly, bad things happen, but not as frequently as one is preconditioned (educated) to believe they do.

In real life experience, the percentage of bad things happening is rather small -- but in the media version, they are happening all the time, unrelentingly, unremittingly -- which is quite a distortion of reality, and a drain of our energies to that which we can do something about to greatly improve our lives. Reading about doing something healthful is not the same as just doing it -- which could be done in the time it takes just to read about doing it, but instead of doing it, one reads another article against doing it, etc.

What is frequently noted now is that one is better off not knowing about something -- than it is to know about all the things others want us to know about, distracting and even undermining us from the powerful wisdom of personal experience -- which should be everyone’s greatest teacher in life. The mediated sources -- the media, schools, universities -- exist now to convince us that such experiences and knowledge is invalid, and only what they know and discover as "certified" people working in laboratory environments, is the only truth that can be discovered and discussed anymore.

There’s something wrong with that vision of life and society. That is the heart of the problem.


At April 08, 2006 10:58 AM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

I've long noticed that so-called "certified" experts on health, undermine their own credibility by not being exemplary examples of robust health. What am I to believe about a nutritionist who is fat, a physical therapist who is flabby, a doctor who is oblivious to what is going on?

The greatest service they can provide to a new healthier paradigm is "to be" those healthier people instead merely being the countless "experts" telling us what to do -- when obviously they don't, and if they did follow their own advice, it obviously doesn't work, so what proof is there of what they are talking about -- and that we should do it, other than because they say so and they are the experts (teachers, mommy)?

That's the problem when the academic knowledge is something other than the actual knowledge gained from their own experimentation and experience. In the present academic model of learning, people discover the truth by merely having other so-called experts tell them what the truth is -- instead of their discovering and verifying such truths for themselves. And so many misconceptions are propagated by the profession, media, schools and universities -- without anybody questioning the actuality of those truths -- and so they can all be wrong, even and especially when they're all merely repeating what they have been told is the truth of these matters -- by somebody else.

That's not science -- merely believing what is demanded to be believed by somebody with "credentials." Real science is that can be proven and verified by anybody, independently, unindoctrinated -- and not just a conspiracy of the self-serving clique. That's the biggest problem of experts in this country -- that they are their own highest authority and self-regulating body -- rather than answering to a higher truth which is the greater community at large, with its most perceptive citizens.

Of course the problem in the past is the majority of the insiders then like to speak in jargon so as to exclude and preclude others from knowing what they are all about -- what they know and do not know obscured by the impenetrability of such incomprehensibility to the outsider -- and to themselves as well. They mistake the jargon for the knowing -- and hope to mislead others similarly too.

So their language and communications are intended to impress, intimidate, conceal, deceive, and obscure -- rather than to share an insight and understanding into these matters, among themselves as well as everyone else. That would be the most impressive and convincing case of all. Otherwise, they obviously have no idea what they are talking about and the only people who are gullible enough to listen and look up to them are the media celebrities wholly dependent for their credibility on the opinion of others.


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