Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Challenge of the New

If one only repeats what has been said before, then language will be very familiar, trite, cliched -- and not pose a challenge to understanding, and it is the challenge to present understanding, which is the challenge of the new. The old will insist that it must be stated in the terms and language of the old -- in which it is familiar and dictates the rules for. That would be like having a “sensitivity session” or an intimate conversation, using Robert’s Rules of Order -- nothing that hadn’t been said before could ever be said, because it would be “out of order” -- a violation of an unpremeditated moment.

So there is no possibility of a breakthrough in understanding and insight -- if one has to accept the old -- before one can explain the new, yet the truly new is this revolution in the very perceiving -- with no assumptions about how things ought to be, because it is the very assumptions that are under review and question. That is where the flaw usually lies -- at the very beginning of the inquiry, and not at the end, which would be the fault of logic.

The well-known art of deception and manipulation is to get one to agree to one’s faulty and invalid premises, and in doing so, one has to arrive at the conclusions they have preordained for us. A very common example are those who use newspaper “events” to arrive at their conclusions (opinions), and think they have done a superior job in deduction, when the “facts” provided, may actually be nothing more than opinions, suppositions, and conjectures. In fact, they can actually manufacture whatever opinions they desire by citing polls, studies, experts -- while deliberately and selectively omitting others.

The prime motivation for doing so is to achieve sensationalism in whatever manner it can be obtained. It is the need to gain attention -- from those usually not deserving of it; so they have to lie, cheat and steal to obtain that attention. It never occurs to them that they might obtain it in a legitimate way -- of just having a genuinely new perspective. Instead, they take the “known,” and twist it into the unrecognizable, whereupon they can claim it as original material, which they otherwise, are not capable of producing. They would have no idea of an original idea because they have been trained entirely to accept somebody else’s old ideas as the new, just because they hadn’t heard it before.

In that manner, the novel becomes the new, rather than the new being a challenge to the old and familiar, which they unquestionably accept as the inviolable truth, which they think can never be questioned. It is simply handed down from the proper authorities -- of which they hope to be certified to have some status in the hierarchy. These are obviously the most dangerous people in society -- because they are so sure of what there is no reason to be.

And they will think that such strange thoughts that make them pause and wonder, is illegal, forbidden, “incorrect,” -- because it is not what is commonly believed, the conventional wisdom that is only what most people believe -- and not the actual truth of anything. It is mostly important, to realize this difference -- before one goes spouting off, “ I know the truth; I should be President of the United States. I should tell everybody what to do and what to think. I know everything that has been said before”


At June 01, 2006 2:37 PM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

The great new concept above all else is that understanding replaces effort as the standard of human activity. Trying is not enough when only actual results will do. Many have been convinced that they do all the "right" things the authorities tell them to do, without any obvious results and differences, and that is all that can be done, and one can do."

That is the despair of technocracy that tells one what is good for them -- whether it is or not. More often than not, it is only good for the "professional" (advertiser) in that field and not the consumer/citizen. And the consumer/citizen should be the judge above all.

The professional never tells you that -- but instead, always has a plausible excuse as a substitute for those actual, verifiable, obvious resultsthat are not forthcoming. Nowhere is this more true than in the field of education -- which is often nothing more than the indoctrination of "conventional wisdom" (common notions) and manufactured information to exalted wisdom and unquestionable truth

That is what most people know as mass education, information and communications -- overriding one's own common sense in favor of the designated experts -- as though they really knew.

But when every field of knowledge becomes open to everybody, another dynamic emerges that can be driven by the most perceptive anywhere. It could be that the pre-existing pool of experts, were just a tiny stagnant pond away from the greater river of life and intelligence that can no longer be excluded.

At June 03, 2006 11:48 AM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

Technocracy is also authoritarianism, which translates to nothing other than, “Because I say so and have the power to back it up.” Then they produce impressive polls, studies, experts, certificates to convince you, you have to believe what they say unquestionably because “they are the experts,” and there is no authority to ask beyond themselves.

Truth lies beyond the realm of the experts. There are no hierarchies, no judgment that supersedes any other. The results are the same for everyone -- no matter how high or low their status, how many years they have been indoctrinated. And in fact, the more indoctrinated in the false, the harder it is to see the true, and some never will, no matter how many years they live.

So while one is still young, and capable of making choices, one needs to program themselves to be embracing the new and perpetually renewing oneself -- or there will be the inevitable deterioration that is premature in many. It can start at 20 -- and some even report that feeling then, of knowing what it is to “age,” and begin deteriorating -- as though that was a mark of maturity, instead of obsolescence.

Meanwhile, there are a exceptional few, who seem to improve with age -- until they don’t, but it is not a self-fulfilling prophecy to live for. That is the old model of aging -- deterioration rather than getting better, with age.

One needs benchmarks to measure meaningful progress throughout one’s lifetime: it could be one’s time running the mile -- but one should recognize that the design of the test should not work unfailingly against one, as that one probably would. It is conceivable that one could improve their time in running the mile until age 35 and then for the next 35 there is unrelenting decline leading to depression, discouragement and all manner of deceptions to convince one otherwise. It seems wise not to set oneself up for certain failure in that way -- but most do -- and that is the many crises of their lives, self-inflicted.

What can they do, so that the measure of their lives is always improving? It varies for every individual -- but it makes sense to designs one’s assessments with that kind of bias to improvement and not the many ways in which there is inevitable and certain failure. Yet far from being a personal delusion and private fantasy, it can be a well-documented, verifiable actuality if another has the interest to examine it. However, one cannot expect the world’s approval, approbation and riches for it. It is the personal enrichment of their lives -- which no other can value as highly, and one should not expect that. But that is what one has to understand.

Many don’t, and so they are always playing games in which they cannot win -- because it is not designed for them to win but for them to be the many losers for the other to triumph over. And such others expect and demand that you have to play their game. That game is never about the enrichment and fulfillment of all but the dominance of one over all the others.

Unfortunately, that is the only game some people play and know how to play -- because they were not allowed to see and consider any other.

At June 09, 2006 12:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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