Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What Does Matter

Discriminating those things that DON’T matter, conserves a lot of time, energy and resources (money); NOT discriminating things that DO matter, wastes a lot of time, energy and resources, and so one should make this discrimination above all else, and not discriminate everything, or discriminate everything as though it mattered -- and then the thousand other considerations fall into place. But not being able to make that first distinction -- that some things matter and some don’t, is the difference between success in life and failure -- at virtually all the things one does.

In the realm of sports performance, or any other kind, for that matter, what differentiates the outcome is seldom how much one does, but how well the individual does it. If one sings poorly, singing the entire program and allowing none of the others a chance, will not make it a superior performance. The same is true for speaking, writing, breathing, walking, running etc. The whole point is not to do MORE badly, but to do BETTER, even once.

That transcendent one, is worth more than ALL the others badly and indifferently done. That is the critical lesson they do not teach in school, or anywhere else -- which really, is the one thing worth knowing. But in failing to teach that, the thousand of other things can be taught with equal validity and fervor, because there isn’t this prime consideration -- does it really matter or not?

That is the failing of all education -- not to make this essential discrimination up front. Instead, they plunge headlong into the lessons as though they are irrecoverably behind and are always playing catch-up to some imaginary lesson plan in which despite the more they do, the farther they fall behind. Therefore, the prescription unthinkingly, is that even MORE is required evermore.

But if in fact, the more one does, the more one falls behind, the observant and intelligent thing would be to cease one’s efforts entirely, and observe the relationship of all things to everything else -- without the interference of doing anything. That is the beginning of science and awareness.

Unfortunately, most of our childhood education is this conditioning in compulsive activity -- that has no time for understanding first and foremost -- and so life becomes entirely the compulsions and obsessions of these programs. Most of these teachers and instructors have not questioned these things themselves -- but dutifully carry on these traditions as though that were the value in itself.

That is the difference between the 21st century personalities of these times -- and those merely carrying on the traditions, going through the motions -- as though somehow they have a magical quality that manifests only if one’s dedication and devotion is strong enough.

As students of exercise (we should be students of everything we do -- always learning), the discussion of MORE and any quantity, is an indication such participants are unaware that the quality of exercise that is transcendent from their past performance, is what matters!


At December 15, 2006 9:36 AM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

You've undoubtedly seen by now those "martial arts" movies in which the Master (Teacher) insists that despite all the years of rigorous physical training and discipline the student must undergo -- the ultimate objective is that moment of insight and transcendence attained when all effort ceases because of the enlightenment of understanding.

That is the breakthrough understanding -- previously not shared widely, but now it can be without danger of it being misused -- because those who are ready for powerful information like this, have self-selected themselves by virtue of going through the right steps.

One can only recognize the simple truth by preparing to see it when presented to one. The training of our times (education), teaches us to see only the false; those who can see the truth must be self-taught, because that is not what is taught to them by others. It has to be learned on one's own.

That is the only way to get there, so you know anybody who has arrived at that point, are the deserving -- and not just the demanding.


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