Sunday, November 18, 2007

The State of the Art (Virtual Reality)

If one reads only the popular journals, one is likely to think that the state of human ability (fitness) is on the verge of crisis and collapse, rather than that people are now being prosecuted and persecuted for being “too good to be true.”

It would seem that what is allowed to be true, is predetermined by our expectations of what it must be, rather what it can be -- which I think is the whole point of all human activities -- in discovering what those ultimate limits are. But for the past several decades, there have been presumptions of what is the ultimate fitness expression for everyone -- rather than in preceding to find out, without these preconceived conclusions -- supposedly by experts who know everything.

But that’s never been true of “experts” in any time, on anything -- but has simply been the arrogance of people who know a little bit, and think that is all that can be known. That manner of thinking, is responsible for all the misery, suffering and destruction of the world -- perpetrated by those who invariably claimed to know everything -- whose mistakes, were worth everybody else’s sacrifices.

The cutting edge of discovery is not a government program (although a lucrative source of funding for those who play that game), as much as it is people making discoveries in their own lives -- when their minds are quiet and they are not seeking a specific (predetermined) result. At such moments, the mind is simply free to see what is -- without their prior conditioning of what it is. There is a difference between the actuality -- and the idea -- that should not be confused as being the same thing. Quite often, conjectures are repeated so often that everybody thinks it is an inviolable and unquestionable truth -- which of course, means that nobody ever bothers to question or find out That is the most fertile field for investigations -- for most people in their lives, and not despairing in the futility of making a great discovery no person has ever considered before.

Most of what is “known,” is imperfect information, waiting for the proper moment and motivation to discover the ultimate truth of the matter -- as one needs to. Unless there is this great urgency, it is possible to learn many things (and forget them as quickly). Only when a person is really in need of that answer however, does everything come together in a more effective clarity.

The state of the art is not a remembered truth -- but is the act of discovery in every moment, in doing anything. It is a mind recreating itself in a new reality that changes everything in that new way of seeing things. This new (virtual) reality is very problematical for old minds (conditioning) to deal with, much less embrace -- because it is only trained to compare the new with the old -- and discard the new, if it is not the old. In that way, such minds can not learn anything new -- but are trapped forevermore, in a history that can only repeat itself.


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