Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Right Understanding Produces Right Effort

If you’ve ever been among models (performers) up close, what is noticeable is that not only are they sleek, but they have very little excess weight -- that enables them to exaggerate subtle differences in proportion to much greater effect than one is used to encountering in the general population.

For that reason, one seldom sees most such specimens in an average small town population -- because they congregate in the major cities where those truly freakish proportions are highly selected, prized and rewarded. For the most part, one already has to be gifted from birth with such genes, but among those gifted, the ones who further differentiate themselves among that subset, provide great insight beyond comparison.

Except in the fashion capitols and athletic competitions, most people aren’t exposed to those of freakish abilities and those who are left in the general population, usually try to hide their great abilities for fear of standing out too conspicuously. That is usually the conditioning required for survival in the mass education institutions -- that invariably insist and teach a regression to the mean, as determined by peer conformity guided by instructional manipulation and coercion.

From the very beginning of instruction in such institutions, one is taught what the average expectancy is -- and not the fullest range of possibility, which instructors at that level are trained to discourage. So it is not surprising that most people grow into adults feeling they’re not the person they really are -- but have been molded by “knowing” others, what those persons should be. More often than not, most suffer in the various competitions to achieve the ideal conformity and model of what they ought to be -- to become somebody else’s idea of the ideal, rather than decidedly their own.

Unfortunately, many people never recover from those indoctrinations to go on eventually to find out the persons they truly are, and are tormented all their lives in that way. People tend to become those that they have role-models for, including the cultural ideals embodied in art forms. Here again, the highest concentration of such manifestations tend to occur in well-known aggregates -- such as bodybuilding competitions, and to a less pronounced extent, health clubs.

That is also what exercise machines further tend to standardize -- in forcing everyone to perform a certain movement, which may not be the ultimate of that development. But it is the easiest and most practical machine to design and build for that general purpose -- as well as for safety. Such machines however, can only provide a very general idea of the activation of such a movement -- because the range of movement far exceeds any machine to illustrate and especially to enhance resistance -- which is not necessary!

The fullest range of movement, provides its own ultimate resistance, so that once that is realized, machines are neither necessary or desirable; they get in the way, and distract one from the real focus of the movement, which is to effect the greatest change between relaxation and contraction. Machines are never necessary to produce this change. It is the range of movement itself that produces this effect.

And the range of movement that makes the greatest difference occurs at the furthest extremities of the musculature that then contracts back towards the origin of all muscular development back at that point just below the sternum. Conveniently enough, that is approximately where the heart is, and so any greatest contraction, will cause a compression of fluids back towards the heart and the other organs of filtration and purification before being recirculated towards the extremities again by the pumping action of the heart.

In this manner, enhancing the circulatory effect has this miraculous manner of ensuring the overall health and functioning of the body for any and all activities. But this “big picture” of the circulatory effect is necessary to properly achieve this -- and not just a specialist’s limited perspective that a small but essential part, is the whole of the phenomenon.

With that right understanding, it becomes entirely possible for one to take on the shape that want to -- because that is the function and purpose of the musculature -- that in most people are either untrained or untapped. These functionings, can be maintained with daily activation of the neuromuscular impulses to do so -- not requiring exhaustion of such capacities to remain intact. It is enough merely to remind the body each day, that such a range of movement is entirely possible, and that conditioning, predisposes one to exercise it frequently throughout the day with no further thought or effort required to do so. But it has to first be deliberately activated in such a manner of exercise.

This is the real meaning of conditioning exercises that predisposes one to behave in such a manner with no further thought and effort required for doing so -- rather than that one should be consciously forced and preoccupied to persist in doing so, which will obviously be extinguished as soon as such extraordinary effort is no longer applied, which explains the logical abandonment of such conditioning activities at precisely those conditions in which they would be highly desirable. They are obviously counterproductive and explain the well-proven abandonment and extinction of such participation among those populations most needing the improvement.


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