Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Survival in a World of Intelligence

When you're in the survival mode, you have to be reading life directly -- and not from a book of what somebody else in some other time and place knows, or think he knows. Information comes in many forms -- and not just words, which symbolizes reality, or one's thoughts of it.

But there is actuality going on in every moment -- and people's ability to communicate and interact with one another collaboratively to arrive at thoughts greater than the sum of each individual working in isolation -- which is what books have been, while the writing that has evolved among a few in the age of the Internet, is the ability to learn from everything -- and not just from books, which may or may not be the truth.

But the present interactive writing, reading and thinking, develops precisely these skills in finding out -- and extending one's network of information (intelligence), rather than merely operating in one's own thoughts and limited understanding and experience. That is the disadvantage of book-thinking -- that one has to know the answers and the ending before one writes the book, rather than writing as a continuous evolution in understanding -- which is the open mind beginning an inquiry as though it knows nothing -- as opposed to the closed mind, that thinks it knows everything, or at least the answer to that situation, and looks no further.

That is the huge advantage of electronic writing, as opposed to the printed book. The printed book is fixed -- and about what one thinks he knows. Meanwhile, those who use electronic forums effectively, are always learning, and particularly, how to read the total intelligence as it is manifested in every form -- and not just words, which some think, is the limits of intelligence and reality.

If there is intelligent life in the universe, chances are, it won't just come in a book poorly written by self-aggrandizing authors, but in a flash of total comprehension and oneness with the universe of information and intelligence not limited by words.


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