Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Is There An Easier (Better) Way?

The problem with making exercise hard -- and harder, is that most people won't do them, unless you force them to, or compel them in some other way. Usually it is the rationale that it is good for their heart, or good for their sex life, or prevents cancer -- and all such reasons but the sensibility and enjoyment of the movement itself, which in everything one does, should make perfectly good sense in itself, and in that, become self-reinforcing and self-validating, rather than simply going through the motions -- because some "authority" said it was good for them.

The unfortunate experience of contemporary life, is that many people will only learn what somebody else told and taught them, and never will it occur to them, that they can learn anything on their own, and for themselves. And so as they go through life, they're never clear on whether they are doing something for themselves, or merely for the benefit of another -- because they were never confident enough to question that authority, and the authority, never suggested that such a possibility should ever cross one's mind. They are fond of saying that "studies show" -- as though that lent credence to whatever they wanted the other to believe -- invoking even higher authorities than themselves. It seems to have the weight of authority -- but it is merely the coercion to conformity.

But a few in every field of inquiry, will rise above that unquestioning obedience, to discover the new, and the real, and not merely accept what has been passed on from one generation to another -- with no one asking, "Can there be a better way?" And that better way, is not simply more, or faster, or harder -- but the cessation of the problem entirely because it sees that all the actions to solve the problem merely continues it. And so the problem of education requires evermore education -- which surely must indicate that one is on the wrong path, for when one really has an answer, they stop looking for it. So the requirement and insistence on more, should be an indication that that is not the answer -- because any real answer, will require less, and even none at all.

It is like the quest for money -- and more money, to get what we don't have. If we had what we needed (wanted), then there would be no need for money, because money is what we hope to be able to trade it for. Many feel that they are dependent entirely on others to provide all their needs, and not that they could ever provide it for themselves, including and especially, their own health and well-being, and for which they expect to become increasingly reliant and dependent as they grow older. And so that is the great fear in many lives -- of never having enough money to provide for all those needs -- as they expect life to become even more beyond their own control -- and never have they thought, that their mastery of their own health and well-being can increase instead!

All they hear and see about, is the pattern of increasing loss of control over their health and lives -- requiring at least a million dollars now, to secure that peace of mind they become increasingly tormented by. And so no matter how much they have, they feel it is never enough; they are certain they need "more." But "more," never makes them any better off -- because they still need "more," and there is no end -- to that need, which is a conditioning and not the actuality of a healthy condition.

Even with those who do manage to obtain a remarkably healthy condition, most are undone by requiring "more," so that the result is injury, and exhaustion of recovery ability, which speeds the aging and deterioration process -- even as they think they are doing everything possible to avoid it. It is not enough for them to just have dramatic and impressive gains, but now they want to accelerate them with drugs and longer, more intense workouts to the limits of their tolerance and sanity -- as though that could be sustained for very long.

However, it might be possible to sustain a modest rate of improvement indefinitely -- if one were not so insistent that one had to get as much as possible, as soon as possible -- which distorts the equation greatly, making even the easy, difficult. Everyone thinks the answer is "more," and never that it could be, "less."


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