Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Making Exercise Easy

Any genius' great contribution to society, is that they make the inaccessible -- accessible to many others, and not just keep all that advantage just for themselves.

And so the great wisdom of great intelligence, has always been to make the difficult and hard -- easy.

That was the genius of
Steve Jobs, while the dominant cultural trend at that time, was to maintain data processing (computing), just for the few professional I(nformation) T(echnology) professionals -- and at its height of dominance and power, required all the information to have to flow and be processed by their their (mainframe) computers, administered by a few self-selected technicians (professionals) -- to be the One Thing everybody had to know.

So up to that time ('60s), the monolithic (monopoly) power, always made it more difficult to access the computers and the information therein -- until the young heretic represented by Steve Jobs, challenged the rule of
Big Brother, as the only option there was -- and would be forever more. That was not the only rebellion and revolution of its time, but is a fitting and well-documented emblem of its time -- and age, that with his passing, asks the question, "Whither now?"

But even geniuses do not grow up in a vacuum, but are the product of their time and age -- of which many others are also seeing the "writing on the wall" in the fields of their own interests -- because all things are connected to everything else. Obviously, the music of that time underwent a revolution that more people were aware of -- because more people plug into those interests -- while art was only beginning then to merge into life, as the integration of form with function -- that many credit the iPhone/iPad with being this manifestation/synthesis of art with technology.

The new paradigm, is making it easy -- and not harder, to access information, music, health, etc., and not in the old mode, of making things harder -- which implies costing more time, energy and money, to the benefit of the new priests and gatekeepers of their time, and those who wish to be, and always remain so. But the lesson of history, is that nobody stays on top for ever -- but that epochs and ideas come and go, and that flow is the rightful process, evolution and progress of life.

We can choose to become more aware of this or not -- but now it is easier to do so.

The Video: Understanding Conditioning II (Making Exercise Easy)



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