Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Significance of Blogging (Writing)

As people get older, an obvious problem is their physical decline and deterioration, greatly from the wear and tear over a long life, and particularly so, for those formerly involved in very rigorous and injurious activities -- including the constant pain many inflict on themselves -- because they've been brainwashed into believing that it is "good for them," even when it causes them injury, harm and pain.

But even less obvious, is the deterioration of the brain from its improper use, and more likely, lack of use -- because it is no longer challenged to grow as it was encouraged, if not forced to do as an impressionable young person.  At retirement, nobody seems to care anymore, what one does -- and therefore, every individual has to take that primary responsibility for themselves!  That is a shocking thing for a lot of people -- and the major reason many at retirement, immediately go into irreversible and irrevocable decline -- because they haven't cultivated any regimen or strategy for replacing that void that the external institutions and persons played in their lives -- and so they are truly lost, with no idea of how to resuscitate and resurrect themselves.

The major reason for blogging is not that it will (might) get read, but it will be surely written by the person doing so -- as the most powerful act of maintaining and expanding their mental capabilities, and if not read in their lifetime, still has a chance of being eventually discovered when the time is right for that realization.  Throughout history, most of the great inventive minds, were not realized until after their time on earth -- which often drove them to an early death -- in being greatly misunderstood and even persecuted for it.  The classics are Jesus, Socrates, Galileo, Paracelsus, Mendel, and just about anybody who has been too far ahead of their time -- so that there was basically no peer group competent and qualified to judge them, thought they invariably did, with famously disastrous conclusions.

What is important, is that one is very clear to oneself, and works on refining that clarity -- as the unique meaning and purpose of their existence, which never ends until it ends, as the vehicle that requires them to be at their best -- even when nobody else can tell that difference.  What is supremely important, is that one themselves still can tell that difference -- and make that difference!

Blogging (writing) is what most people still can do -- even when it seems they can do very little else anymore -- but in keeping the brain (mind) functioning at its peak and expanding its range in this manner, the health and viability of the rest of the body, is given its greatest chance for maintaining and attaining its peak capacities.

But what should one blog (write) about? -- is a question that daunts and discourages many from taking up the pen (keyboard).  Obviously, that should be what one is the most knowledgeable, if not the best in the world at -- which for everybody, would be themselves -- and their own health and awareness, which for most of our lives, we've been discouraged to think has any validity and should be discarded -- in favor of the experts' opinions, and other vested interests who would like to do the thinking for everybody else.  All that they ask, is to be allowed to do so.

One has to be clear when that authority is given -- to supersede one's own judgments about these things -- that should know better, for themselves.  It might be such a simple thing as what foods they are allergic to -- and what things they seem to have an advantage in -- as their own unique profile of who they actually are, and not always, the way the experts and controllers demand that they must be -- in order to fit into their expectations of how everybody ought to be -- for their benefit, convenience and world view as the expedient truth, and not the actual specific in every case.

The generalization is not the reality -- even most times, because one doesn't know if one is generalizing about the right phenomenon -- or mistakes one thing for something else -- unless they first bother to learn of the specifics.  That is first and foremost, the work of the blogger (writer) -- and not just simply spouting off one generalization and cliche, as inappropriately and irrelevantly as possible -- as though that was enough to make the mind sharper, more penetrating, effective and powerful -- throughout their life, not as a competitive game, but as an exercise of the limits of their being.  That is far more meaningful than running farther and faster each day, until the limits of that endurance are exhausted and irrecoverable -- as the actual limits of those exercises.

But with the mind, there are no actual physical limits in this way -- but one's own frontiers of where it has not gone before -- and need to be explored and vitalized.  Such exercises increases the critical mass of the mind that drives the rest of the body -- that is the animating spirit beyond the muscles and flesh.

Many are reaching the point in life in which the physicality of their existence is still intact, but their mental capacities and connections have vanished -- and while they may live on in that way for years if not decades, healthy individuals would not choose to be in that hopeless deteriorating condition -- if it was at all possible to avoid.  For certainly, that would be a living death -- and beyond that, an interminable descent into pain, deterioration and debility, nature (life) never intended -- even if possible to prolong indefinitely.

The amount of resources required to prolong such existences, would drain away all the resources required to sustain the most healthy and viable -- which is the preservation of the species, which is the larger objective of all human meaning and purpose.  Thus, health should be prolonged as long as it is possible and viable -- while not being mistaken for death and dying as health, and a healthy way of living.  It is a matter of priorities and limited resources -- and the intelligent choices one has to make, to remain so.


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