Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Finding Out What Works For You

Not everything works for everybody -- all the time.  Some things work only for a few -- but it works nevertheless.  That's what each person has to do for themselves -- as their unique quest in life.  If they don't, the consequences are grim -- leading to elimination and extinction.  Individually, that is death, but long before that, is the decreasing ability to respond to life, in its unending challenges.  But surely, that is what life is about -- the only thing that gives it meaning.  Those who can still rise to the challenge of life -- every day.  That is being at one's best, all one's life.  That is what it means to be "fit."

That is the key to mastering "life" -- the vital force within.  Once that is extinguished, deterioration cannot be far behind.  It is the sum product of all the forces without.  One is the manifestation and actualization of that environment -- in that time.  That creates reality.

The reality of today is that the old inhibitions and prohibitions are falling away -- creating the possibilities for greater realizations, and understanding of the present as it just came into being.  Obviously the world is getting better for many more -- despite the protestations of a few that they are getting hopelessly worse and dismal.

Those are the choices one can be making in every life.  Some choices will enhance their chances for survival (success), while others, will produce failure (death).  All the choices are not equal -- and some make a bigger difference than others.  The results speak for themselves.  Either one is getting better, or one is getting worse -- but always changing.  Nothing in life, can merely stay the same -- forever.  That is not the nature of life.

The nature of life, is to keep on improving -- or it perishes.  Improving is more than just denying that things aren't getting better -- as though that were enough to make it so.  The truth is self-evident to others as well -- particularly to those who trust their own senses, instead of believing what others would like them to.  That is some people's culture and personalities, and the only reality they have ever known.



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