Wednesday, January 18, 2006

How Ideas Come Into Being

Many people have never been present at the moment a new idea is born -- thinking all ideas are old, and merely handed down from one generation to another, since The Immaculate Conception. So confronted with new ideas, they have no other response but to fight off a new idea which is not a confirmation and reaffirmation of all their old ideas -- which is a tremendous hindrance to accessing all the great discoveries made since one left an institutionalized education. Unfortunately for too many, that is when all learning came to an abrupt halt -- because they were taught that learning must take place only within such institutions -- with all their rules for learning.

So unless people break free of that all-too-common indoctrination, it becomes virtually impossible to readapt their thinking to the new realities as they go along with their lives. It used to be said that information doubles every five years -- but what is even more impressive now is that an individual’s own knowledge of the world can double from one moment to the next, with an insight that changes everything. That is the effect of the quantum leap in human experience and understanding. It may take a while to get there, with ideas gestating and fermenting for years -- and then in an instant, there is a flash of insight that changes everything.

That difference is a change not of effort but of understanding. If that doesn’t change, then simply more effort is not going to make that difference. But once there is that change in understanding, problems will seem to solve themselves, or in all probability, not even seem to be a “problem” in the first place. Many believe there is a problem when there is not -- or that there is no problem, when there truly is. That is the price they pay for courses that teach them not to discriminate -- in anything!

Discrimination is not bad in itself, and in fact, is the confirmation of one’s highest intelligence and abilities. Discriminations based on prejudice and preconceptions, is what every intelligent and fair-minded person hopes to eliminate -- not because it is the “socially or politically correct “ thing to do, but because it makes a real difference in the outcomes of anything they do.

There are a lot of “differences” that don’t make a difference -- but are merely distractions and diversions from one’s focus on what is important to discriminate, distinguish, discern. The highest compliment is to be a discriminating person -- one who can tell the good from the bad, the superior from the inferior, beauty from ugliness, intelligence from the unintelligent, the significant from the trivial. To simply say, “One should not discriminate in everything,” obviously shows no intelligence or understanding though they may smugly try to impose their new-learned wisdom on everybody else, and swell with pride that they are very clever people.

Fortunately, there is redundancy in the human population so that not everybody is functioning on that same level at the same time -- but a few, or even one, may be attentive and paying attention to the real task at hand. That is what matters -- that there is at least one person "staying home and taking care of business" -- even while the rest, are off on a wild goose chase.


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At January 23, 2006 5:45 PM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

It looks like the treadmill and ionic breeze (they like to hide their comments so that I have to spend a lot of time finding them)people have discovered this site.

If one is going to use a treadmill, the preferred model is the rock climbing version because it is a total body workout -- while standard treadmills focus on working the heart harder and faster as an end in itself. Any other movement will effect that change indirectly -- as the heart is a base support function rather than a voluntary one that was meant to be affected directly.

No athlete or performance is measured only by the heartrate -- and in most athletics, the desire is to get the heart beating as slowly as possible -- while anticipating or performing any feat. The heartrate is predisposed to go up; deliberative techniques -- like breathing, meditation and practice (familiarity), are designed to make the body as relaxed and unstressed prior to the attempt -- in the well-acknowledged fact that power is equal to the change in state from the greatest relaxation to the greatest contraction. A muscle that is already tensed (contracted) prior to a maximum contraction -- has less potential energy available to it.

So if one were to use a treadmill as their apparatus of preference, what is important to keep in mind is that manner in which the treadmill is operated -- aiming for the greatest degree of foot articulation possible. My observation is that most use this piece of equipment badly -- by focusing on maximizing hip movement at the expense of foot movement, which in many cases, is minimal or non-existent.

In the case of a stairstepper treadmill, optimal benefits would be derived by pushing down so that the heel is raised as high as possible -- onto the ball of the feet. That is the useful motion of the foot -- the fullest range needed for maximum thrust.

I know of no useful motion for moving the knees and hips -- without an ultimate articulation of the foot in this manner. Because of this lack of the proper articulation of the foot, most people think the lower leg is the hardest part of the human body to develop -- even while they may have no lack of success developing other parts of their body. It should be the easiest -- and the only necessary part to develop, because that development will imply the development of the larger supporting muscles of the hip and upper leg. Nothing else is possible.

Actually, nothing is so unsightly in bodybuilders as gortesquely developed larger muscles with minimally developed muscles of the extremities of the lower leg, lower arm, and neck muscles. The challenge of the treadmill is attention to this proper use of it -- which most unobservent people, fail to pay attention to thinking it is the heartrate that is important. It is the articulation of the foot movement, that would make it a useful conditioning activity but without this proper attention, it merely reinforces one's present condition.

At January 23, 2006 6:25 PM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

Contrary to what Consumer Reports says, ionic breeze type machines are extremely effective in eliminating air pollutants like cigarette smoke -- and everything else less offensive. The demonstration of how effectively it removes the smoke from a smoke-filled chamber, is quite authentic.

I've gone through at least ten of them because they seem to cease functioning unexplainably after a varying length of time -- although their sellers cheerfully provide a replacement on the return of the old, non-functioning one, while insisting it's never happened before, or that occurrence is rare. Some people don't mind, and a few even delight in obtaining a new one frequently -- but I find that annoying.

What I've had better luck with are the low-cost ionic fans -- which though not as impressively powerful and effective for that ionizing effect, tend to last and be as reliable as most ordinary fans. In places like Hawaii, the ion fans seem to cool the circulated air by a noticeable extent -- just enough to be a low-cost air-conditioner, when 5-10 degrees might make a difference in the comfort threshold. That is usually not an advertised fact -- but a clearly perceptible one.

Usually when these products come out and are heavily advertised on television, there is a next generation of these same products that are much improved, but because they are no longer heavily-advertised, are much cheaper -- and available at Sam's Club, or Costco at a fraction of the price.

That is now true with the Bowflex -- at the comparable cost of a treadmill. Any movement that can be performed on any apparatus, can also be done without the apparatus -- because it is the movement that the body makes and not moving the apparatus, that is the benefit.

That is Exercise in the Post-Machine Age.


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