Tuesday, January 30, 2007

In Praise of the Bad, the Obese and the Ugly

I notice in the mainstream media lately that there is a campaign underway by politically correct writers to convince us that fat and out of shape people should not be discriminated -- and that is no way to judge the competence of that person -- in looking attractive or using their intelligence for that purpose. Apparently, if nobody wants to be seen with them or do anything with them -- often because their movements are greatly restricted, that should not be a basis for discriminating against them -- in favor of surrounding oneself with people without those limitations. One should treat those people with equal regard to those with superior abilities. Abilities should be no basis for discrimination, discernment and judgment.

Who knows?, if we weren’t all so prejudiced, that 400 lb. person could win the pole-vaulting competition. Why should we think they have a greater chance of injuring themselves than any other? It is only everybody else’s thinking that limits them. We should be encouraging them to take up the sport -- rather than suggesting they could lose a few pounds.

Those are the consequences of politically correct thinking -- that exhausting everybody else’s credulity and patience, makes whatever one wants to argue for, true -- even if one doesn’t really buy it themselves. The only person who has to “buy” it is the fat, ugly, malicious person sitting at the editor’s desk. That’s what they want everybody to believe -- and that’s all that is necessary to make it a fact, that one reads it in the newspaper or sees it on the television -- as the modern version of the “power trip” -- that one can make others believe anything they want them to.

That’s how power is wielded these days -- through misinformation, disinformation and resistance to finding out -- for oneself the truth of the matter. They’ll provide the arguments, they’ll provide the experts, but most of all, they’ll ask the most ignorant and quote them liberally on the subject -- because what the most uninformed person thinks, is just as, if not more important than a truly informed person -- but one shouldn’t be politically incorrect to discriminate the informed from the most informed -- or the most deceptive.

If the bad guys want to kill the good guys -- who are we to judge what is good and bad? The good guys are entitled to kill the bad guys just like the bad guys will surely intend to kill the good guys -- so why should it matter?

It used to be that mainstream media writers were just confused, unclear and conflicted -- but now, they’re moving into a new chapter of obfuscation, in which the height of achievement, for which they should win the Pulitzer if not the Nobel prize, is the demonstrated ability to convince everyone that exactly the opposite of everything their own judgment and good senses tell them, can never be trusted -- and that is the reason, we should allow them to do our thinking for us.


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