Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pulling Your Own Strings

A large part of the “conditioning problem” is this notion that one has to be impelled to do it by someone else, or some other external consideration -- apart from their own drive for self-improvement, that many people are convinced, is vain and self-indulgent -- to be concerned about/ for themselves. They have instead been brainwashed into believing their lives exist for the sacrifice to and for others -- which though seeming at first selfless, is actually the most self-centered/indulgent way of being -- to regard that everything one does, is “for the benefit of others,” even while it is shamelessly only for their own gain and benefit.

Closely related, are such rationalizations that the reason to be fit and in good shape, is for one’s heart -- rather than that it doesn’t make sense to be in any other condition, all one’s life, for all one’s purposes and activities. And by being in this best of conditions, one is capable of serving humanity and society because one has this excess capacity to do so -- rather than being one of the innumerable pathetic beings begging for others to help and support them all the time -- with no reciprocity.

This is not to say that one shouldn’t be in the condition to help others -- but that one has to begin with the realization that the first step in helping others, is not to be one of those needing help themselves. First, one has to not be the problem, in order to be the solution. The key is not KNOWING what the solution is, but BEING the solution -- always. KNOWING without BEING -- is always the problem. Obviously too, those who KNOW without BEING, don’t know -- which is the well-known hypocrisy of "enlightened," liberal people running around telling everybody else what they ought to be doing.

That would be “environmentalists” driving around in their Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs), to deliver their pious messages that we all need to be earth- and environment conscious. When brought to their attention -- they readily excuse themselves with having an unquestionable higher purpose -- in expediting the distribution of their flyers, often littering the campus after their visit. Thus satisfied, they spend the rest of the evening celebrating the great causes for which they alone, have sacrificed themselves to mankind for.

The greatest service to humanity is to be a living example of the best each individual can be -- rather than this mentality of any sacrificing for any other. That’ makes everybody totally accountable to themselves -- which is the only manner that can assure each individual optimizes their own health -- not for the sake of their doctor, or their employer, or even their family -- but because in optimizing their own well-being, they create that reserve of capacity for themselves, and any other that requires it -- and not only being a perpetually “needy” person always needing this attention from someone else.

The world and society doesn’t work very well that way -- when each has to take care of every other but themselves. The most effective and efficient system, is for each to take care of themselves so that they have the capacity to take care of themselves -- and then others. Those who do not have that minimal of capabilities, are fooling themselves they have any.


At March 08, 2007 10:36 PM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

In the old cosmology and conditioning paradigm, work is the action on an object by an external force -- and not change generated internally, and willfully. In that model, anything done, was validated by another -- and if not, one no longer bothers.

So while it is easy to keep people motivated in sports programs or conditioning classes, when most are unsupervised, there is this sense that there is nobody to impress and validate "their work."

The exceptional attitude is that of the artist -- or creator, who has to be self-sustaining in this way, because he is the creator of that which has not existed until he created it. That's how one can detect those who are used to being the original (authentic) experience and source of anything. They recognize that manner of "knowing" and "being."

The conformist does what everybody else does -- and believes what people tell them to, as though they thought of it themselves. but they've never thought of anything themselves; everything has been planted into their heads as a (false) memory -- which is the present education pedagogy.

People believe what is true because that is what somebody "in authority" has told them is the truth -- and not that they've ever discovered the truth of anything for themselves, or know how to do it. They think the truth can only be discovered by those in lab coats working at an impressive sounding institution -- rather than that truth is discovered in their own lives and experiences each moment.

Not to understand that, is not to understand anything at all.

At March 08, 2007 11:08 PM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

Ironically enough, not only did the old paradigm not recognize the inwardly-driven impulse, it actively taught one to distrust their own judgment and instincts -- as though they were one's own worst enemy.

Meanwhile, the demagogue (teacher), told one to trust him unconditionally and obediently. That was the conditioning of the 20th century and worse previously -- for a world in which each person became a cog on the assembly line -- rather than determining for themselves, what they wanted their lives to be.

And if that is in fact the case, why not choose the best for oneself? Who deserves it more? Obviously, those who can appreciate it the most -- and can tell that difference.

Of course, if one can't tell the difference, then it doesn't matter. They just do what somebody tells them what to do -- even convincing them, that is what they really want to do, to sacrifice themselves for others -- usually the instructor or other information source.

At March 09, 2007 12:17 PM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

All those who assume accountability and responsibility for their own actions, thoughts and lives -- will be in the best condition of their lives as a result.

It's very important as people retire out of organizations that have provided that guidance most of their lives. The next generation won't have those needs to fill that vacuum for direction.

The present controlling generation regards that as "narcissistic" -- that people are less susceptible to the control of others -- and think that is wrong, because it violates every tenet of the world they grew up in.

That was a very disempowering society -- that required leaders to do the thinking for everybody else. But almost nobody brought up in that kind of system goes on to distinguish themselves -- because that is not what the system is designed for. It was designed to ensure conformity and mediocrity -- the regression towards the mean (average).

That's quite different from the objective of peak performance activities -- in which the objective is to differentiate to the extremes. In fact, modern conditioning classes actually created an activity in which the purpose was to become the average -- as an ideal and objective.

At March 09, 2007 12:32 PM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

That's why the "politically correct" and "consensus" are very troubling -- because it destroys real diversity, and difference of opinion and perception.

That is what the fitness movement banked on and turned out to be their undoing. It was hoped that everybody would just come on board and accept those who claimed authority -- as those who had authority, just as it had worked in every other field.

The problem of doing it in the field of exercise, is that it is easy to subject those claims to a test of ability and merit -- beyond the intellectual. But rather than being anti-intellectual, it is intelligence being manifested in this physical way -- that is visible and indisputable, and not to the liking of the powers that would like to be, who often can convince us of that which is the opposite of what is true.

Once we get beyond this struggle for the control of the mind and perceptions (power), results have always been straightforward and easy to achieve by virtually everyone.

But cutting through the smokescreen of the false and deceptive, is a barrier many do not get through -- and that is the reason for their lack of progress. All their efforts just further disempower and disable them -- to create the need for a lifelong codependency.


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