Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Seek Out People Who Make Sense

One of the bad things schools and especially universities teach, is that the more complicated and convoluted an explanation, the better it is for you , and the greater an understanding it must be -- rather than that the greatest wisdom, is the simplest self-evident truth.

It is far more reliable, to find one hundred people with one simple truth to tell -- then to find one person, who has a hundred different explanations for a hundred different things -- each having no relationship to everything else. The world is related -- each to everything else, and so the wisest of these times, are those who look for that unifying theory of explanation rather than the one who has a different explanation for everything, That confusion is called an ad hoc explanation -- or arbitrary -- different for every occasion, circumstance, and expedience, and one is convinced, has to learned them all, rather than a simple universal principle that governs them all.

Thus one doesn’t need to learn one kind of mathematics to count up apples, and a whole different mathematics for counting oranges -- even though the teacher can earn twice as much in doing it that way. The whole purpose of education, is to benefit the student, and not to maximize the compensation for the teachers -- which is what most contemporary discussions about “education,” have devolved to.

With that kind of “education,” the more one receives, the more one needs -- and qualifies for more education. Fortunately, that is not the only learning model in the world today -- because with the rapid pace of change, there is great urgency to learn at a quicker, easier, simpler pace. But many conditioned (indoctrinated) in the previous manner, have a great disadvantage in learning in this new way, particularly if they are still required to learn in that obsolete fashion.

So the freedom to learn, is probably the critical factor -- in whether one attains wisdom today. Learning is that which is embraced as an act of freedom and free choice -- and anything else, is an indoctrination of accepting, what one is compelled to -- even by generous enticements and entitlements.

The lack of fitness in today’s world is a dead giveaway that a person lacks that essential connection between thought, language and action -- and that people are advised to ignore those discrepancies and contradictions -- and think nothing of it. That is the eternal confusion of their existence -- that they confuse the worst for the best, and can tell no difference, as the politically correct way they were "taught" to be.

Thus, most teachers, are not role models of the kind of person one hopes to be -- following their advice and instruction. That should be extremely disturbing -- rather than accepted as the way it is now. Those who can see the truth as the truth and the truth in the false -- are the leaders in any community that create a healthy society.

That is the only revolution -- of those seeking to change the world for the better. One is the shape the world is in.


At May 03, 2007 12:59 PM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

That was the fatal error of the media, schools and universities -- which believed that the secret to their success was to become as esoteric (obscure) as possible rather than as easily accessible as possible.

That manner, was like the failure of personal computing -- before its success. Initially, a great premium was placed on making that information as scretive as possible -- as though that was what gave information its value, and power. Eventually it was recognized that the value of information is the extent to which it is widely-known, and easily accessed.

This is the real revolution in the information revolution -- how it is valued, and what is valued. Of course, when everything can be known, much that can be known, is worthless -- and even deceptive and manipulative. so one has to develop skills at quickly recognizing this, or one waste a lot of time chasing and absorbing the worthless.

Much of what is written in the old academic style -- is this wasting of time telling us what they will eventually tell us, taking as long a time and using as many words as possible -- which becomes a cardinal sin and red flag in the age of abundant information.

Thus, one has to become very good at saying as much as possible, in as few words as possible -- and even maximizing silence as much as possible. The value of silence, is that it gives value to that which is said, like the space between the lines, or even words.

One of the ways not to get read, is to write one large article with no breaks. While one might have something to say, the manner in which is communicated, ensures that nobody will ever know that -- while pretending that the message is understood, because it doesn't matter if it is or not.


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