Thursday, May 31, 2007

Usually It’s Obvious

There seems to be innumerable articles claiming that exercise is good because it does some good for some part of the body that only their scientists/researchers are competent to measure -- and not that activities benefit the whole -- very obviously, and is apparent to anyone. The last miniscule justification for exercise I saw was that it was good for your “good cholesterol,” which obviously, is not apparent to everyone, but only scientists who have defined and measure, “good” and “bad” cholesterol.

The mainstream media, schools, universities and unions have already claimed to know what is good and bad thinking -- or “political correctness,” predefining what can be studied and observed, and what can’t be. Therefore, if one wants to observe inequality anywhere, under any conditions, that is no longer allowed -- because “equality,” is the only thing that can be seen now.

Of course there is a huge problem when ideology starts to overrule science -- which is the simple observation of what is, now preconditioned by what should be, according to some self-designated few, supposedly isolated in sterile think-tanks for this purpose.

Usually it is some middle-aged guy/gal laboring in anonymity and obscurity for they can’t recall what reason anymore -- but it was to become famous winning the Nobel Prize by contributing greatly to the knowledge of mankind -- rather than just being the pretense for some politician’s ambition to exploit their findings and distort to grotesque self-benefit of world domination.

But the pay is good, and nobody moves their cheese, and threatens them that they have to “perform.” Nobody does anything without careful calculation and consideration beforehand -- because everything in this world, is controllable and detectable to the nth degree of accuracy, in their small universe.

But life and living is this big thing -- not simply measured and defined by one small thing, no matter how much their advocates convince their legislators it is the key building block of the whole universe -- which they alone can command, with the help of the generously remunerated support staff. Of course, with generous funding, they can be much more diligent and rigorous in their findings and the defense of this singular claim to superiority over every other intelligence.

Health and well-being is always the whole picture -- and not just one limited, hard to detect measurement that would be unknown except for these obscure findings. People either look generally healthy or they don’t. People on top of the world, stand out in a crowd -- because of that presence and energy they give off.

It’s not like everyone has an equal and random chance of being that person -- of greatest energy and synergy. Synergy because it has to be an interaction with their environment. Ultimate fitness is the optimal adaptation to their environment -- and not in isolation, oblivious and arbitrary to it. There’s a reason things happen -- despite great efforts to not make it seem so.


At June 04, 2007 3:42 PM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

Why don't more people walk and ride bikes?

Believe it or not, it's actually made problematical by city ordinances that require an inordinately high proficiency to participate in those activities.

The most obvious is the requirement that in order to ride a bike, one must ride it in traffic, with cars. For beginning bicyclists, that would be prohibitive and an unreasonable demand.

So there is a Catch-22 built in -- that in order to get in shape, one must already be in fantastic shape -- with the ability to operate a bicycle with the best and most adept at doing so -- particularly if the roads are in bad condition and continually under construction.

Another proviso that would make healthful regular movement impractical is for there to be exclusive facilities for exercising them -- rather than that they be the most natural and logical way to get around.

Fortunately, they still haven't passed ordinances that require walking only on restricted "walking trails," as some of the most short-sighted advocates insist are the only conditions in which it is safe to walk, thereby transforming the cheapest, most accessible activity immediately into the most cost-prohibitive. I can understand many feeble persons using that as an excuse for no longer walking or going about.

But for one of these well-intentioned "liberals" not to immediately recognize the impracticality of such a suggestion that every (special-) interest group requires the rest of the community to provide ideal conditions exclusively for them, is not a practical prescription for achieving anything.

At June 04, 2007 9:21 PM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

Fully 90% of the teachers of exercise (or anything else for that matter), think that the objective is to prove their superiority to their student -- as though that was in question.

Usually students give that benefit of the doubt to anyone -- until the "teacher" begins to undermine their own credibility -- and one of those ways, is the need to establish their "superiority," as most insecure and uncertain people are obsessed to do and becomes their compelling motivation in life.

The real teacher has confidence without the self -- that he shares so that the students feel that is also their confidence -- but those inclined to abuse any power and trust they have been given, misuse it for their exclusive advantage, and the detriment of everybody else.

This false confidence is revealed when the person has to stand alone -- without any institutional authority except themselves. Then all that they thought they knew, is revealed to be only a pretense of knowledge, with no ability to actually find out the truth of anything for themselves.

That obviously is the most important skill that defines "fitness" in this world. Those who can find out the truth of a matter for themselves, will find the truth for themselves -- whenever they have to, which is what a worthwhile education is.

Those who can only repeat what others have told them -- and told them to do, have no idea what is going on, but obviously think they alone do. And so such people are very isolated and alienated from everybody else -- which is reality.

Many have learned "mass communication skills," but have never learned any "personal communication skills," and so think the objective of all communications is just to hear themselves talk, without regard for how it affects the understanding of another. They will in fact, consider that improvement of the other as a threat to their own status and security, as one who needs to be in the revered position.

That inequality is very destructive to human being and relationships. In fact, it makes them incapable of them. So as they go through life, they become more deluded, obsessed, compelled with this power over every other -- and that is the great loneliness in the world that drives them to their final madness.

At June 04, 2007 9:58 PM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

In such a world, everything is a contradiction of everything else, negating everything they do. Hypocrisy is to be expected because that is the only thing such a mind/body is capable of -- in an eternal struggle of opposites.

The appearance of this body/mind is this tremendous toll of beating up on oneself. It is an endlessly wearisome existence even proud of how much it has to do -- just to keep from going under. Life is a veritable crisis that they have to maintain in order to get up each day -- and give them the thrill of being alive.

If there are no problems, they must create them immediately, to give their lives meaning and purpose. But it is always coming from the negative side of inadequacies, wants and needs -- and never from a sense of fulfillment, completeness and balance.

In fact, that is what they are conditioned to hate, resent and destroy.


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