Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Virtual Intelligence

Probably the worst source of information, predictably, is the easiest to come by -- which are collectively, what we recognize as “mass media” -- designed for easy penetration into the consciousness of people. But whether that is the most useful information to have, is now being questioned by increasingly many. In fact, having “their” information, may be the greatest “handicap” for one seeking to optimize their own functioning and controlling their own lives.

The mass media messages is about doing what others would like us to do -- and not necessarily what is personally best for us to do to maximize our own advantage and provide for our own greatest happiness. That is the primary right and imperative of every individual who can recognize this highest calling of being true masters of their own existence -- and that is far more meaningful than primitive notions of being masters of the world and the universe.

One is the world and universe -- not partially and fragmentarily, but wholly, not in the egotistical sense of projecting one’s desires and inadequacies on the world, but in the awareness that the world is one’s interaction with the rest of it. Nothing is occurring in isolation to everything else -- nor is the individual acting in opposition to the environment. One is the environment, just as the environment is the individual -- and if that is the case, than why make the distinction at all? Indeed, why?

Is one better off in thinking that one is apart from the total environment (universe) -- even defining oneself as the struggle against it, or would a life be more complete and full to regard oneself as the totality of all intelligence and everything that ever happened and is? This is far from being a very trivial consideration and an argument of semantics -- or meaning, because the great reported lack in people’s lives (though often not defined so clearly), is this lack of meaning and purpose, despite all the "busyness" of their activities.

In fact, the busier one gets, the more likely it is to hear one self-assess that the more meaningless and purposeless, life seems to be. Some people even have a notion that if they were to cease their activity for a moment, the entire world would come crashing to a halt -- and they would be responsible for all failings, and so they must tirelessly and unquestioningly spin the wheels and engines of society just that much faster -- and the ultimate crime against society, the world, themselves and God, would be stilling their minds and bodies even for a moment to contemplate -- without interposing themselves as the sole mover of it all.

Of course, such a picture of reality and actuality is a great delusion many otherwise competent people are laboring under, and why all their strivings create so much mischief and futility for the world.


At July 11, 2007 12:15 PM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

"Virtual intelligence" is what I call the genius (skill) of these times -- the ability to regard all intelligence as "their" own.

The previous conception of it was that it resided individually and separately apart from every other, and the schools even taught that the objective was to compete aainst every other intelligence (person) in the world.

That is why despite the obvious affluence in the world, people are made "poor" in the way they think about the riches of the world in relationship to themselves.

Upon seeing a beuatiful, awe-inspiring view, one person's response is to delight in that moment and the privilege of being able to witness it. The other, will stop at nothing until he owns it exclusively -- and no other person can have it. Such a mentality IS the problems of the world.

Most of these people with that ambition, are the "liberal" elitists of the world -- who quite coincidentally, view themselves as so much smarter than everyone else -- even if they have to put down everyone else personally, to prove it. And that is all they do in life -- and of course, are miserable creatures, resenting the joys of everyone else.

They regard every good as having come at their personal expense -- and so either they win, or the other person does, but such triumphs can never be shared -- only hoarded, fought viciously for, and never enjoyed.

The world for these people, is an unrelenting task master -- and everyone must share that torment.

At July 12, 2007 11:56 AM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

"Virtual intelligence" is what great athletes use to know what everybody else on their team is doing -- and respond appropriately to that flow and collective intelligence.

One of the great teaching strategies is to learn by simply being aware of that flow -- that is the technique used in the teaching of tai-chi and many of the martial arts, in which the students follow the leader.

Explaining that would be very problematical. The best students just have a greater sensitivity than those who don't -- with the same apparent teaching.

Everything we are in contact with -- is intelligence, the design of the road, the synchronization of the traffic lights, and how drivers respond to them in a obvious and predictable manner. This is all intelligence -- and not just a dumb machine anymore.

Everything living, everything that is, is the intelligence of evolution -- why it is still here, and in the form it is in. What is required to access this intelligence and information is not a classroom to learn what is going on, or the teacherr thinks is going on, but the awareness of what is going on.

Knowledge and intelligence are two difference things. Knowledge alone is not intelligence because intelligence is what is manifested in the present moment and challenge -- and not just the memory of the past.


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