Saturday, November 24, 2007

“I am working out,”

I just make it look easy. But I don’t just make it “look” easy, I make it easy -- and therefore, anybody can do it, and get instant, verifiable, self-evident results.

That’s getting to be true with many things one does now -- achieve instant gratification (verification) of the wisdom of what one is doing -- rather than having to wait a long time for any payback -- including even having to wait until the afterlife until one is rewarded. But by then, anything is possible -- and of course, all bets are off.

So to see instant cause and effect -- rather than just slaving away believing -- until after one dies and then is rewarded, is still a hard-held notion to many. It should not be so in the world of conditioning for athletics -- or any other purpose anymore.

Fifty years ago, prior to the time exercise made a claim to being “scientific,” it was well known for many kooky ideas and beliefs. The best of the bunch, were those whose sole objective was to produce “instant results” and transformations, which were those who targeted specifically, how one should hold one’s posture, walk, sit, "behave," and otherwise give an impression of being a confident and competent person.

That’s still true today -- as body language and the expressions of movement. The lone exception has been this notion of exercising just for fitness’ sake -- without any mastery in movement. In fact, the ideal is to create as much work as possible, sweat as profusely a possible, experience as much pain, discomfort and difficulty as possible -- for its own sake, because none of those skills could ever be useful directly in any normal, useful human activity.

Much of what we learned to do in the 20th century, followed that familiar pattern of creating work (struggle) for its own sake -- because of the unprecedented challenge in creating meaningful leisure time and activities -- to replace the purposeful and absolutely necessary work that was now beginning to become obsolete because of modern knowledge and technology .

It still is the great challenge of modern life -- creating meaning and purpose -- especially for the increasingly and accelerating many who will find themselves freed from the prescribed tasks that kept them obsesively-compulsively “busy,” before their “retirement.”

Many fail that challenge at that point in their lives -- because they’ve never known anything else but the drudgery of a treadmill existence -- doing whatever their “supervisors” told them they had better do. So to be thrust into freedom at that point in their lives with no instruction in how to direct and shape one’s own life, causes many to flounder and disintegrate in that freedom and demand enslavement once again -- as the familiar confines and justifications for their existence.

Because this extended life was seldom possible before for so many, there hasn’t been an overwhelming good example of what it can be -- without the deterioration we’ve called the normal “aging” process. By that we usually mean, that everything bad that can happen, happens, and there’s nothing one can do about it.


At November 26, 2007 9:30 AM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

Those I feel sorry for, are those who have convinced themselves over a lifetime that exercise has to be hard, brutal unforgiving -- or it is no good -- because they miss the whole point, that exercise is best and most useful when one is least capable and able. That is the transformative power of it -- that already resides in everyone, presently and momentarily, if they could just realize that power available to them as they are right now.

So this belief that they have to change first, before they can do the right thing or anything, is their destructive and dysfunctional conditioning. Nobody can change first, and then hope to change at some later time when one has already changed -- is preposterous and the disempowerment and disintegration of one's being -- the disassociation of one's awareness from their actual capacity.

For most people, it is not a lack of capacity that is their problem -- but their ability to access their actual capabilities, which are stunted by their ignorance of those capacities and how to properly use them -- particularly in maintaining their own health and well-being.

In fact, they are often "taught" to use their own capacities against themselves -- as though, they were their own worst enemies. Thus, they are warned not to give in to their own commonsense and instincts, but to do everything possible to overcome them.

Such "knowledge" is transmitted in every arena of human activity, to maintain the control of the existing hierarchy of powers in social organization. People who are taught to undermine themselves, pose no threat to the powers who would like to remain at the top of such status quos indefinitely.

So they encourage this kind of ignorance to be perpetuated and propagated -- "for the good" of the people, when obviously and visibly, it is quite bad and deleterious for the most trusting.

One of the tactics of competition, is to make one's opponent nullify themselves with their own great strength. In schools, from an early age, the "majority" are manipulated to keep the boldest challengers to authority in line -- by promising to punish everyone indiscriminately for the transgressions of any.

In most conditioning classes, that is the primary lesson, and not the best way to attain one's own strength and power: that is to reinforce the hierarchy of teacher to student -- and not to teach the student to be one's own teacher, which is the mastery of any subject. Instead, such "conditioning" and education is to make one fearful of finding out anything for oneself -- by imposing the cult of experts.

Fortunately, modern knowledge and technology has overridden those boundaries of "certified" competence to that which is universally recognizable to those who can determine competence from those pretensions of merely being so.

The common tool is that of language and what is communicated far beyond the words. That is the consequence of multimedia messages in which the words often "mean" very little.

I never fail to be dumbfounded and amazed by all the experts who bodily, have no idea what they are talking about -- but that doesn't prevent them from their conviction that they are the "experts" on such matters. I suppose it is quite possible to delude oneself about anything -- even if the truth is staring back at them every day with total incredulity.

That should be self-evident proof, that everything they know, has no basis in fact.


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