Sunday, February 08, 2009

Creating Space

Critical to developing a program of effective exercises, is the proper understanding of what is most important to do -- and not simply thinking that the object of their activity is to "burn as many calories doing so," which means having no idea of what the true objective actually is because one is simply wasting as much time, energy and resources doing so -- as an end in itself. That is the unfortunate strategy of current “conditioning” exercises and programs -- which is all about wasting one’s resources, and not how to best manage them for maximum use and benefits. It is simply about “waste,” and who can do that better than anybody else.

Obviously, that is a very destructive way to conceptualize human behavior, motivation and purpose, and not from the beginning, emphasizing the meaning and purpose of one’s activities, so that one has a standard by which there can be improvement -- and not just arbitrarily doing whatever one is told because that’s what one ought to be doing -- with no understanding of those objectives at all.

That is particularly a poor model for personal conditioning programs -- which should be to optimize the functioning one has to do in the real life of their world. We’re not conditioning everybody to be their own cardiologists or brain surgeon. We’re trying to establish a connection between what one is doing, and how one can improve one’s functioning in doing that -- and in doing that, one will have created a remarkable difference in one’s life, rather than merely creating unrealities and fantasies of what one is doing, and hopes to accomplish doing it -- with no obvious and logical pathway from here to there.

That gap is merely filled in by wishful thinking, as though if one does enough of it, success is assured. It is not unlike the kind of thinking that has resulted in the latest bursting of the financial bubbles that have come into the light -- which supported the “good” times many thought was the new entitlement. In that worldview, they were going to take cruises around the world several times a year, buying multiple homes all around the world, and in that manner, live happily forever after.

But alas, that was not to be -- and so they have to get back to reality and reintroduce themselves to the fundamentals of what they are doing -- at its most basic understanding. The best conditioning for that, is a program of conditioning that makes that connection to those realities -- and not that success is guaranteed by just “going through the motions.”

With effective and productive exercise, that is the realization that one is not working to get the heart pumping -- but to create space by the working of the complementary skeletal muscles so that there is room for blood to flow into -- which tremendously enhances the circulatory function and its effectiveness, assuring the highest functioning and health of cells, tissues and organs throughout the body -- which is very different from the thinking that the objective of what one is doing, is simply to “burn as many calories doing so.”

Such people, obviously have no idea of what they are doing, and in everything they do, they are wasting the most time, energy and resources doing whatever they’re doing.


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