Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Your Life is the Bottom Line

Recently I had a chance to consider whether I would do something only for the money -- which wasn't a bad thing, but would literally have been for no other reason except for the money -- as it would have taken me away from that which I consider the essential work of my life, and everything I've done to make it what it is. Such a stark consideration never was presented to me before -- although I had heard from time to time, of people doing something, simply because they were handsomely paid for it -- almost as a sacrifice for abandoning all that was meaningful and characterized their lives.

The reason we make money, is to make our lives what it is -- with all that richness, character and flavor; the money itself has no value except what it can be traded for of immensely greater value -- and if it can't be, then the money itself as well as everything that can be gotten with it, is virtually worthless and meaningless.

But then I thought about what was immensely gratifying and fulfilling, and it had to be after getting off my shift of volunteer bell ringing for the Salvation Army red kettle and continuing to wear my reindeer hat as attention grabber, while shopping at the supermarket to the awe and delight of children approaching with their parents as though they had seen Santa himself shopping at the supermarket -- and also the looks of those suppressing their amusement as I nonchalantly went about my business as though unaware anything was out of the ordinary.

That's what makes a day joyous and extraordinary.

Merry Christmas!


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