Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Difference of Change

One of the great fallacies of popular thinking perpetuated by the mass media and culture, is the idea that simply "more," is better, or even, that "anything" is better than nothing -- rather than the more accurate understanding, that better is different from any more.

That is the critical and qualitative difference between things -- because more of the same thing, is merely the same thing -- but when something is truly differently better, something magical seems to occur -- that those operating simply with the "more is better" mentality cannot see the quantum leap -- from where they are presently, to a whole other level of experience and understanding.

One sees it in the eyes and the personal transformation immediately of those who have undergone such an experience and profound change. For such people, they and everything in the world has changed -- because their fundamental understanding of the world is different from how it was just a few moments ago!

That is the true nature of change -- when there is really that change, and not simply calling the same thing, something different -- thinking that is enough, as though simply knowing the words, conveys the understanding of those words. That is what we call knowing the jargon rather than the experience of such an actuality.

And no matter how educated we are in the words (knowledge), we all still have actual experiences we can learn from and be intensely engaged in in every moment of our lives -- which a few people, make into their daily practice, or meditation -- which is simply to be totally aware of what is happening, and what they are doing -- unprejudiced by their previous knowledge.

Unquestionably, that is a high mountain for many trained in the propaganda of the correct and only information worth knowing, can overcome -- but that is the real objective of such conditioning (indoctrination) -- to produce the few who will go beyond the limits of that understanding that are the present dilemmas.

Obviously, when the state of health in the population is in decline, the so-called explanations of why that is so, is not the solution -- but merely the justification for that present state and its continuation. Once there is clear insight, the problem(s) ceases to be -- as a result of that understanding, and nothing else is possible.

It is like the example of touching a hot stove. One no longer has to even consider it
anymore -- each day, and all day. Such a conditioning, would obviously not be better, although it is assuredly, more.

And that is why it is so powerful and instructive, to understand change at its most fundamental and rudimentary level -- rather than going off in all the many confusions of half-knowledge and half-baked ideas -- thinking that if one merely accumulates enough of them, they will constitute a coherent whole -- instead of the hopelessly fragmented and fractured confusion, that thinks more is necessary.


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