Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Fish oil linked to increased risk of colon cancer in mice


Actually, that was my first reaction when I tried the fish oil capsules — tremendous digestive upset that discouraged me from continuing that supplementation.

I also had the same reaction to Vitamin D oil capsules — but didn’t have the same problem with the powdered capsules form of it.

I think there is something about the oil that is an irritant — just like in the old days, cod liver and castor oil were used to remedy constipation by inducing diarrhea. It stands to reason that constant supplementation would produce/induce irritable bowel syndrome.

All my life, I was susceptible to gastrointestinal upset, respiratory inflammations, and back pain, but one day attended a presentation by the doctor claiming guaifenesin as the cure for fibromyalgia, which is one of the innumerable autoimmune diseases that all have overlapping symptoms — usually noted by the thickening of the mucus in the body, particularly in the respiratory and digestive tracts, and at the joints for which mucus provides the lubricant for movement.

The doctor said that people could take it regularly like a supplement — overriding the dire warnings on most cough medicine bottles because they contain ingredients other than guaifenesin that have other implications. But guaifenesin, I noticed, also had a tendency to produce some gastrointestinal upset — and so I wondered if there was a remedy for that.

Then in gardening, I noticed that the plants that were the hardiest and made it through the winter were what is known as “herbs,” which in earlier times, were known as medicine and spices, and before the invention of currency, was actually used as money as the ultimate values of societies. That’s why early societies actually went to war over the “spice” trade and control — and was one of the driving forces for the discovery of the “new world.”

At any rate, that got me into growing nothing but herbs, and researching them to see what was the best, and then I noted that fennel and anise seeds, were the herbs of longest standing as remedies for everything — particularly for conditions of digestive upset. Anise and fennel, are the basis of health store cough medicines instead, and sometimes with the use of guaifenesin, but unlike guaifenesin, is known to soothe the gastrointestinal tract, maintain healthy respiratory functioning, and meliorate arthritis pain — as it has been well known to do for thousands of years.

It is the original herbal tea — that also has the benefit of causing people to drink it frequently and thus assure proper hydration, which is one of the major deficiencies in many people’s health regimen.

The gastrointestinal problems are exploding with the aging of the population, so that it is a primary and limiting concern of most people over 50 with all their escalating ills. The first remedy of resort for a multitude of problems and conditions, would be the age-old and legendary standby of fennel and aniseseed infusions (tea), to restore normal, optimal functioning in most people.

It was standard provision of the Roman Legion as they conquered the world, and were/are the staples of Italian and East Indian cuisines.


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