Friday, July 09, 2010

Most of What You Think You Know, Is Wrong

Just because it is the conventional wisdom, which means it is repeated often without questioning, is the problem, and obviously not the solution, though many will say it is so.

That is especially true of "fitness" and "health" articles one will read in the mainstream media -- who not coincidentally, are people in notorious poor health and fitness, deciding what everybody else should also think -- and therefore be in as hopeless condition as themselves.

The problem is not that the truth is not out there, but the truth that is understood by the reporter and editors, are not valid -- if one just makes the attempt to test out those "truths" for themselves.

One of the longest-standing of those so-called scientific myths that have become conventional wisdom, is the statement that one cannot "spot-reduce," or specifically shape a particular bodypart (muscle) to one's liking and choosing -- but that development, or lack of it, is predetermined genetically, and subject to the fitness of the heart -- only, and that there is no getting around that inviolable "truth," when the fact of the matter, is that all development one sees, is determined by favoring those particular outcomes.

There is nothing wrong with a person who wishes to reduce their midsection, to do exercises specifically to reduce and shape that midsection -- above all else, but the pseudo-experts, who think they know because somebody else told them so without them ever testing any truth for themselves, or observing that truth all around them in every aspect and occasion of life, because they have been brainwashed only to accept what the "proper" authorities on such matters tell them is the truth, under penalty of a lower grade and disapproval, will never discover the truth for themselves about anything.

Those are the people usually rewarded very well by the "establishment" for propagating and defending whatever "truths" the powers that be -- who wish always to remain so, tell them what to say -- unquestioningly. For their business is not to question and inquire, but merely to obey and repeat unquestioningly, until someone in authority tells them the next new truth to believe and defend. Usually, these people are very proud to believe that they have discovered those truths by and for themselves -- because they think they are among the first to receive those truths, when in fact, they are simply working to persuade people of what is not true, as the truth -- which is the only way they can think to perpetuate their "authority." They must be able to convince the rest, that the most preposterous and outrageous statements and affirmations are true, despite nothing in the world corroborating those statements. It is, because they say so.

Anybody who's ever spent any time in the world of bodybuilding knows that that is the reason people often disrupt the natural proportion and symmetry of development -- by deciding that they want to overdevelop one area (muscle) of their body, over every other -- thinking that is what is most aesthetically pleasing, at least to themselves, and project others should think so too.

So people who want to develop "washboard" abs, or peaked biceps -- usually do, because that may be all they do -- so to say that one cannot "spot reduce" or overspecialize to monstrous proportions and distortions, fly in the face of reality so much so as to discredit the speaker entirely that they know anything at all about anything -- and certainly nothing in real life.

While genetics may determine the ultimate possibilities of development, the realm in which most people are working, is untapped potential that is their reality -- and not that it is hopeless to undertake a program of change and effort, because they have been conditioned throughout their lives, to believe that what is not true is true, and they have never broken through to discovering reality for themselves -- but live entirely in the world of thought untested by any actual understanding of reality.


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