Sunday, May 09, 2010

No Monopoly on the Truth (Information)

Until very recently, individuals and organizations thought they still could be the exclusive gatekeepers and tollkeepers for whatever field they proclaimed as their turf -- not necessarily because they discovered everything that was "known," but because they claimed to have the hierarchy that controlled the flow of that information -- as guilds, trade associations, universities, schools, and lately, "media," which purportedly, told us "all the news fit to print" -- and those who dutifully repeated as much, were the sanctioned high priests of information and the politically and socially "correct." That was the dogma of mass media -- that those who could get as many as possible to repeat their "truth," had the right to power, and made it true.
And so a lot of things that weren't really true, became accepted as the truth, because they were repeated so often, as the only truth -- and that anybody who claimed or believe otherwise, was intimidated and bullied by the majority, whose numbers, made the issue unquestionably resolved by those who could achieve the most successful propaganda campaign -- at least in the short term for expeditious campaigns and legislation.

That has a very disastrous effect on longterm outcomes though -- when the faddishly popular, determines the truths that become the undisputable foundations for further progress, leading most in that society, into the invariable dead ends of maintaining they have the solutions, even though nothing works as they should -- but people have accepted and resigned themselves to that inevitable conclusion, that the only solution, offers them no hope for improvement, or change -- but yet they must persist futilely.

What's the point of having such "solutions?" The point is that it satisfies those who despair that there can be any meaningful difference between solutions that work, and those that are merely arbitrary -- because so many other people are also wrong. In their world, the majority makes it "right," and that's the only thing that matters. And so if they can convince everybody else they are right, it it the same as actually knowing the truth of the matter, even though, it is easier to discover the truth, than it is to convince everyone, that the false is true.

The reason for going with the latter, is that it creates more jobs (expenditures) doing so -- while the truth is usually a solitary pursuit -- with very little opportunity for profit from exploiting ignorance, or the mass delusion.

In exercise, conditioning, and the rest of life, that is the notion that consuming as much time, energy, and thought as possible, gives one the greatest results, rather than that the genius of all of life, is the economy and efficiency of effort -- even if it doesn't provide as many jobs to solve the many more problems, of thinking in another way -- that doesn't solve the problems, but actually creates more problems to solve. That way may initially seem like a perpetual job-creation machine, except that it doesn't make life better, but makes it worse, for just about everyone.

And really, the whole objective in life and all activities, is actually to make life better -- even achieving it with a minimum, or no work because of a better understanding that it is not the effort that is the measure of value, but its cessation and elimination -- that frees one to take on higher levels of challenge and fulfillment, than merely survival at the barest minimum level of disfunction, disease and deterioration -- which are the present orientation of health care programs in this society.

That is the product of relegating, or delegating "health," as only what "health care" professionals do -- rather than it is the basic requirement of every responsible citizen's measure of full participation and actualization in their society.


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