Thursday, March 11, 2010

Discovering Oneself in the Age of the Media

Many people, on learning anything, think it is important that one learns knowledge sequentially from the oldest to the most recent -- but in such a manner, usually run out of time at the end to do the state of the art much justice -- and so what is usually learned, reinforced, and repeated, are the "old wives tales," or misinformation rather than the latest and most up-to-date and accurate about anything.

That is true in every field of understanding -- because one usually learns everything that is false, before discovering what is true, and then knowing what is true, doesn't bother learning the false anymore. But if one only knows the false, all will seem equally true -- until one recognizes, there is a huge difference -- that makes a difference, and every difference before that discovery, doesn't really make a difference.

That won't stop many from developing theories, explanations and rationalizations, of why what they think and know, doesn't work -- and so one must be more dedicated, put in more time, energy and conviction, to eventually obtain the desired result -- that were guaranteed -- but yet shows no sign of manifesting. In time it is hoped, all will turn out well -- because it usually has in time -- but also for a reason; so time alone, will not guarantee the results. In that ensuing time, one hopes to have obtained a greater understanding of that process, and improved their chances for success.

And so an important feature of any success, is this quality of perseverance -- or sustained interest and participation. In many things, one can have a burning interest and involvement with an activity, and then next year (or week), one has moved on to something else (burned out), and then something else again in a world of endless distractions and detractions. So to hear of a lifelong interest or involvement, is fairly rare -- especially at the cutting edge of discovery, that distinguishes the true student from the dilettante, or dabbler of that which is just the burning issue of the moment.

That is what "exercise" is for unfortunately many -- and invariably, those who would benefit from it the most -- and so, it should be made easier and more accessible, rather than only appealing to the most gifted and/or dedicated. Essential to exercise, is this learning of one's self, by oneself, for oneself -- and not the separation of the teacher/coach, from the student/athlete. That is an essential understanding of this activity -- that cannot be bought on the mass market -- that one foremost, has to learn how their own body (being) works. All the great teachers have said as much, "Know yourself," "Learn about yourself, as the key to understanding what the rest of the world is all about."

Thus, one begins near, to go far -- but beginning far, may never come close to finding oneself. This is especially true of those who have become or may have always been "disconnected" from their bodies and themselves, and have lived almost wholly in their thoughts. The best known of these are the "intellectuals," or as some people call them, "talking heads," because their heads don't seem to be connected to their bodies -- but merely pasted on to immobile bodies, or immobile heads.

The neck seems to be two strands of dental floss like material hanging loosely under the skin, that connects head to body, mind to body, rather than the vibrancy of a robust, fully-integrated being. On top of that, many even have plastic surgery so that their faces cannot alter their expression. And their eyes are affixed to a point away from eye to eye with any other. It's kind of disturbing actually.

All these expressions and mannerisms, are not incidental to the person one is, but is the manifestation of the person one is -- no matter how much one imagines oneself to be in other people's minds. One can also see these expressions in the words people express themselves with. It used to be said that the eyes were the windows to the soul -- and now everything is, in the expanded world of virtual reality.


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