Saturday, January 02, 2010

Of Course You Have a Minute (Welcome to the New Millennium)

A major contributor to the decreasing participation in simple, health-maintaining activities, are the requirements by poorly educated and insensitive people, in designing programs people would love to do -- instead of paying them to force us to do them, which of course, should be a no-brainer, except to the most moronic -- which is the reason most are actually well-conditioned to avoid such regimens.

It shouldn't come as startling revelation, that everyone desires to be in their best health and condition -- except when the price placed on it, is onerous -- and they rightfully decide, they won't bow to that coercion and obedience. That's what any intelligent person would do -- calculate the reward to cost, benefit to risk, good to the bad, and not just buy a lifetime of misery for one's own good -- as determined by "others."

That used to be the world we lived in -- but that's not our only "choice" anymore. If something doesn't work for YOU then you are free to find something that does -- and not just have an authoritarian voice tell you ever louder, that you have to get with THEIR program -- or else...

That really is the reality of the world we live in today, although there will still be those voices of the past, demanding that we all have to return to the past of their exclusive control and monopolies. Those are also the current struggles and conflicts we presently read about in the news, as one group of organized individuals demanding that no other group has a right to organize to oppose them, and anything but THEIR status quo of increasing and incessant demands, is treason, illegal, against what any educated and enlightened person would consider as the "political correctness" that their group alone should decide for everybody else.

That kind of conditioning, pervades all other more subtle influences we live with daily that if we are not aware and attentive, others decide for us -- as though we thought of them ourselves. That is the destructive conditioning of our "education" in our early years that many do not grow beyond -- and particularly the "educators" themselves, and those who propagate and defend their ideas that don't work for everybody else, but seem to benefit them alone as a trade association or union.

It's time for a level playing field -- so that we can all enjoy playing the game we are each best suited for and enjoy -- and not continue to be exploited on the school yard playgrounds of life, as the toll we have to pay to own our own lives.

Welcome to the new millennium!


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