Monday, February 15, 2010

What You Need to Know About Beneficial Exercise

Most people have the misconception that the major reason for exercising is to make the heart stronger -- which is never the weakest link in the circulatory system, but is invariably, the strength as well as the limiting one has to work with. But whether one's heart is weak or strong, there are strategies one can adopt to optimize the efficiency of the circulatory and respiratory system. Chief among that, is the right understanding of what is effected in the various forms of activities that the human musculature makes possible.

We can become good at running, jumping and throwing is the ultimate measure and definition of actualizing this potential. Some others might think dancing, singing, playing an instrument are more meaningful measures of meaningful and purposeful human activities. Seldom has it been thought that one can merely entertain what would the most healthful practice, regardless of some more conventional measure -- such as lifting weights, jumping high or long, throwing, or even lately, just raising the heart rate as an end in itself.

With that idea in mind, it becomes easily possible to exhaust that possibility in a relatively short order by maximizing the heart rate until nothing further is possible -- which should also be obvious as the most dangerous thing to do, because beyond maximum, is failure. And that's why doctors first getting on the exercise bandwagon, were careful to stress that one should not approach maximum heartrate, and came up with a simple age-based formula for ensuring that one could calculate the theoretical maximum for any age, as well as the recommended 50-80% normal range of the heart function -- whether one is aiming for it or not. But in no case, was exceeding the recommended 80% of maximum ever advised -- which of course, in the competitive world of jockdom, then became the minimum -- along with a lot of other misunderstandings that are propagated as conventional wisdom, which are then repeated by those who have no idea of what they are talking about -- on virtually anything.

But achieving productive and desirable results with exercise (as with anything else), has always been discovering some key critical understanding by which everything thereafter, transformed one from the lifelong seeker, to the guru of enlightenment, which reveals how terribly random and deluded most are in their activities -- as though simply persisting long and hard at what doesn't work, will transform and reward them ultimately for their faithfulness.

But that's not how reality works; that is merely wishful thinking that deludes and deceives the world -- until most people simply give up in their quests that there is truth out there, because they had not found it yet -- obviously.

Still, there are no panaceas that solve everything -- but one particular answer, may not be one's problem, or if it is a solution, it may not be all the solutions one requires. In healthful movements, the obvious problem is that circulation is poorest at the extremities, where the most visible parts of the human body at the head (face, brain, senses), hands and feet -- clearly show the first signs of deterioration, even in individuals who have been regarded as outstanding specimen up to that point in which deterioration is now visible, if not overwhelming.

Strangely, very rarely are exercises to increase and optimize the circulation specifically for these targets usually recommended -- but rather, are just taken for granted, even though on reflection, most would agree, if one wanted or could just target one particularly area beyond all the others, it would certainly have to be to the brain. But beyond that admission, it would be assumed that just making the heart work harder, would be enough to direct the circulation to that critical region -- instead of realizing that with any muscle or region, that flow is directed by the action of the muscles pumping blood and other fluids back to the centers of the body for regenerative purposes, which creates space for the new life giving nutrients to enter and ensure health and growth beyond that.

All the random activity in the world to burn as many calories as possible, is not going to get one the same results, or even produce anything other than random, poorly conceived results, including injury, excessive and inappropriate wear and tear, and even be destructive beyond that. There's a reason people get into poor condition, and a reason people must get into good condition also. It's not just that doing anything, is better than doing nothing -- because one is always doing something, but often, it is not the right thing to get the results they desire -- obviously.


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