Thursday, May 20, 2010

Overcoming the Resistance Within

If one feels like running a marathon, or lifting 500 lbs., it is generally not necessary to do so -- or have to "prove" it, because the feeling of that ability, IS the achievement, and not that one has to get anywhere else -- or to a higher level.

The problem is that in life, one is often in a condition in which just moving itself, seems to present great resistance -- without one having to add additional "resistance" to make such movements even more productive. That is especially true at those critical points in life, at which one is at the crossroads of determining whether they get better or worse, despite of what they are doing, and probably. because of it.

Obviously, if one is doing something that causes pain and injury, one should cease that activity and try to determine the reason for that feedback -- and then make the appropriate adjustments before even more serious and severe catastrophe completely immobilizes them. Usually, it is not a dramatic event, but rather a slowly encroaching condition that appears, persists, and worsens -- unless and until we adopt an effective strategy for dealing with those new realities.

As one gets older in life, but not necessarily just at that stage in life, there may be times when, any movement at all becomes painful and difficult, as though one were made of rock instead of a healthful fluid condition. In the old days, such thickening of the body fluids, were called "rheumatism," in its various forms and afflictions -- which indicates a thickening of the body fluids that make fluid operation difficult, if not impossible.

I have suggested in previous essays, that one should consider taking guaifenesin, as the over-the-counter, readily and cheaply available product that is the essential ingredient that liquefies the mucus, specifically indicated for the treatment of the thickening of the mucus associated with colds, flu, bronchitis, and its associated bodily aches and pains, that are usually considered less significant, when breathing itself is so threatened.

But that same thickening of the mucus, is also the basic composition as well as lubricant for any movement of the body, and so when that thickens, causes that stiffening of the joints, and every other movement of the body. At such times, it is obviously appropriate to move slowly and deliberately, and if one does, can articulate and regain, "normal" movement in a fairly short order.

That is the reason for the five-minutes of daily exercise, consisting of five movements, for a 50 count each, that addresses the "joints" (axes of rotation) of most daily universal movements -- and specifically and directly, the five extremities of the body which are the focus of whether activation and circulation, are up to operating conditions. They are the head, hands, and feet, and only direct, observable articulation and movement there, is a guarantee of that responsiveness and readiness of the body -- for any other subsequent action, which includes the highest level of athletic competition.

So it is the proper warmup for everything -- and for the most mobility-impaired, is sufficient to regain as much strength as they are momentarily capable of -- while increasing that capacity in doing so. That is the "magic bullet" everyone needs to know -- the minimum, and not the maximum of all that could be done -- by all the ingenious ways humankind can imagine. That would not be productive to know or enunciate, when one is critically challenged to be extremely focused for marshaling whatever capacities are available to their momentary highest level of activation -- especially at those moments, when the barest movement, seems to be the world's greatest achievement possible, at that moment.

Then one can change the world -- but not before then.


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