Friday, June 11, 2010

Exercise Anytime, Anywhere, Whatever You're Doing

The attainment and maintenance of optimal health and functioning is so obviously paramount, that it must be possible to access and perform it, anytime, anywhere, whatever else one is doing. And so while it is nice to be able to watch television while one is exercising (the popularity of the treadmills), it is even better, when one can effectively exercise, while already watching television, or lying in bed trying to get up, even eating, showering, brushing one's teeth -- as well as directly applying that attention.

In fact, enabling one to go from anything and everything else to such a focus on the primacy and effectiveness of simple and fundamental movement, is an accomplishment in itself, and invaluable at all times. That is simply -- developing focus, from the many distractions and diversions of our lives. Some people call that living in thoughtfulness, or meditation, or simply consciousness and awareness of what one is
doing, and beyond to what is.

Others refer to it as the heightened state of being "in the zone," when time and space seems to be infinite with all possibilities and unlimited energy and resources. Under such conditions, the extraordinary becomes entirely possible -- or simply, is, and that experience, is what makes life transcendent and enjoyable.

But that's not the same as simply being an adrenaline junkie -- those addicted to the thrills of unnecessary dangers, risk, and stimulation, that simply requires increasingly more to satiate, until one is exhausted of those capacities, and retires permanently from that continuance -- often into the memories of what they used to do, that now become their only reality in preference of the presence they think they can no longer fully engage.

It is because the basis of their conditioning, was the belief that their practices for the attainment of that extraordinary state, required extraordinary circumstances to even consider before attempting, or could not even be attempted otherwise. In this way, they create the barriers for their own continued success, at simply optimizing whatever they have. Athletes have to do it, but so do children and parents -- simply doing the best they can, with whatever the situation presents itself. That is an invaluable conditioning in itself, which very few are prepared to do.

So one of the great advantages to an invaluable conditioning program, is this very ability to shift into what one has to do -- momentarily, and not just a routine, a time, a schedule -- but on demand, as required. It's not unlike the greater paradigm of the times and culture we live in -- that have shifted from an unchanging world, to a constantly changing one -- which requires the necessary preparations and readiness to engage.

That's why people carry on them their cell phones, keys, glasses, wallets -- because that is their readiness to do whatever opportunities present themselves. Obviously, some people are much more prepared and conditioned to do so. Others have so conditioned themselves, that nothing but the predictable and controlled, is what they will do, each and every time. That in itself, is limiting one to the past, rather than increasing the possibilities for the future -- in the present moment. And that is how the past, present and future, comes to be compressed in each moment, as simply the whole of reality, being in the moment.


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