Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Cause and Cure of Obesity (Dysfunctions)

Most people's "obesity" is excessive fluid retention from not producing muscle contractions originating at the extremities of the body back towards the heart, which compresses the fluid back to the excretory/purifying organs of the body -- and as more toxins accumulate at the extremities, more fluid has to be retained to dilute its damaging effects, so a person continues to bloat further and further in this manner. That's how the human organism also begins to die, deteriorate and age.

The conventional focus of exercise of simply making the heart work faster and harder to pump blood to the rest of the body -- is NOT the problem, if the extremities are not first evacuated in this manner so that there is space for fresh blood (fluids) to enter.

That was also my observation about why mouth to mouth breathing was not necessary if cardiopulmonary resuscitation was also being performed simultaneously or intermittently -- because the compression of the chest, evacuated the lungs, and the release of that pressure, allowed fresh air to enter, because as we know, "nature abhors a vacuum," and will equalize to the atmospheric pressure, while blowing air into an already filled lung, produces no additional benefit -- if the residual air is not evacuated first.

When people have this right understanding of body functioning, it becomes a relatively simple process to eliminate and ameliorate this damaging condition of the human body to retain fluid and its toxins, and to restore its more healthful circulatory state -- which the flawed understanding of the sports medicine/fitness industry, does nothing to alleviate -- because they misunderstand the root of the problem.

When this is properly understood, most people can affect an immediate transformation and change in appearance and health, and with continued practice of this healthy optimization of the circulatory function -- which no amount of effort with the misguided, primitive, flawed understanding, can duplicate.

The key is the right understanding, and not simply more (unlimited) effort with the wrong understanding of the process. The skeletal muscles have to make those contractions -- rather than overworking the heart further, which even those "certified" in CPR, should realize under ordinary circumstances, is a totally autonomic (automatic) function they should not be attempting to override -- thinking to improve. It's the voluntary (skeletal) muscles that must be the focus of that attention; that is the lack of proper (any) functioning, resulting in the bloated (obese) look -- even in physically active people.

So random, arbitrary movements (activity), is not going to have the same powerful transformative healthful effects as this systematic, intelligent approach to conditioning for better health and its attendant effects -- no matter how much they do in the traditional/conventional mode. That should be obvious by now.


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