Monday, May 02, 2011

The Great Divergence

As the first wave of Baby Boomers reach retirement, what is obvious to the attentive, is that some are reaching that milestone as the traditional "old people," while an increasing few, are redefining that stage of life, in an unprecedented way -- because they have the information and technology to do so, while the former, shun those new fangled ideas, to their dying days. They will age in the way their parents, grandparents, and ancestors did -- though with conditions made prevalent by living longer than they would have in the past -- to have noticed and categorized.

The implications for that continuance are frightening, especially in light of the recent trend of increasing dependence and codependence, that make the cost of (that kind of) living prohibitive. It is one thing to live a long life in excellent health and condition, but quite another to be wracked by one life crisis after another -- which to a greater extent than most will acknowledge, is the summation of the choices we make, rather than random chance and fate.

Things don't just happen; there's a reason things happen -- why some get healthier and better with time, while others only get worse -- and are enabled to do so, by support systems, that are value-free. On the other hand, those who actualize the highest levels of well-being and functioning, usually have to go it alone, because fewer are interested in fostering that independence -- since its commercial value is less obvious.

So one has to primarily value such attainments by (for) themselves, because there is not going to be large crowds cheering one on -- for achieving milestones that have never been imagined (expected) before. The first few, are greeted with disbelief -- that the now possible, is not only only an accomplished fact, but there is a clear roadmap for others to follow. But the old beliefs (conditioning) die hard -- that the world now, is a very different one from the world of ten years ago, let alone fifty, when most of the retiring generation, were fixed in their world view -- as the only way it has ever been, and should be, as the testament of their own lives and legacies.

But that way of thinking -- is what has passed. That era, was about their egos, and strengthening their own permanence, against an always changing and evolving world -- which now becomes, a huge disadvantage, and keeps them out of the flow, of the fast-moving current that is life itself.

That is the greater life promised and possible in this lifetime -- being able to participate in it fully, as was never possible before. Even such simple things as writing, and speaking, now have been made accessible for those locked out of those activities before -- by the hierarchies and bureaucracies that defined it exclusively as "their turf." But when the ground begins to move beneath their feet and the grass begins to grow, they have a more difficult time convincing everybody else that theirs is the perfect truth -- of which God made them the guardians for everybody else.

And so a whole generation will be awakening to this realization that life can be very different from the one prescribed for them -- as one of the unthinking masses who needs to have all their thinking and talking done for them -- by the new self-appointed masters.


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