Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Beginning of a New Age

To those who have been paying attention to the diversity beyond the traditional and customary -- of sex, race, age, status -- a new form of life (being), has clearly emerged in the last twenty years to a razor-sharp focus. Life has changed -- not for the worse as many believe, but undoubtedly for the better -- as the obvious conclusion one would have to come to in seeing increasingly many more, who now reach "retirement," with little signs of aging in the traditional expected pattern, in which they obviously have entered a period of steady decline and deterioration -- rather than the improvement that is still possible at any age.

Of course, many still regard that suspension of reality as "unnatural" -- as well as not unaided -- as though one has no right to the use of anything possible, to maintain their survival and greatest fitness -- at all times. Overlooked, is that some are gifted at birth with traits that favor their survival and success, while many more, have to overcome their unique handicaps -- on the path to optimizing their own greatest health and well-being, and therefore, have a greater control over their fate as a consequence of that original disadvantage but learning to overcome them -- which many gifted people, do not. While young and vibrant, it is easy to mistake natural aptitude for a hard-earned one, but as the years play out and those initial advantages are taken for granted and wasted, those who have earned their right to a better life, begin to take a lead.

So while the news is about the many more who now live to be 100, the real milestone, is the first person to reach that age, with no visible and obvious signs of aging. Many others, have written about the possibility that in this century, someone will conceivably (or even certainly) live to 150
-- but as most people know, in order for that to be meaningful, one has to first slow down or reverse the deteriorative process for that to be a desired outcome, because they can already keep a person in a vegetative state alive indefinitely.

But that is not the quality of life, most thoughtful people will want to prolong indefinitely -- mainly for the benefit of the health care industry and workers. So that measurement, is not the most significant yardstick by which to measure, but whether that quality of life is improving or hopelessly deteriorating -- and what can be done about that on the many levels besides expanding the health care system -- and the nightmare vision of people kept alive indefinitely with no other signs of life indicating a greater consciousness or responsiveness -- because certainly, the former has already been attained into the quandary of these times.

I don't think anybody has an argument that one has a right to live as long as they wish and can provide themselves for that life. But when it begins to take a whole village, to sustain a person in that state of indefinite deterioration -- at the expense of everything else, responsible decisions have to be made. At that point and stage, life at any cost, costs all the other lives -- that are being dedicated and sacrificed for those ones -- just like they were at the dawn of civilization -- for the pharaohs and kahunas. The young were sacrificed, so the old could live just one more minute -- and so they required unending sacrifices to that end.

It's not a pretty vision of the future -- so those who can blaze that path to an unprecedented health and self-sufficiency, are truly the pioneers of these times -- and not those merely calling for greater sacrifices from everyone else, so that we can continue the present status quo forevermore
-- or certainly, one will face the horror of seeing a person deteriorate to the age of 150 in a vegetative and completely dependent state -- as is already happening.


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