Monday, August 13, 2012

How Much Exercise is Enough?

You SHOULD exercise everyday -- but not so hard and so much that you have to spend one or two days recovering from that workout, and then by exercising (moving) everyday, one never falls out of the daily warmup routine -- rather than as many people do, overdo it for a brief period of time in their lives, taking long periods off to recover (often from an injury or illness), and then resuming once a year, and then abandoning it for more rest and recovery, etc.  
That's like the yoyo dieting that also is a proven failure.  You've got to get people doing the right thing, everyday -- without fail for the rest of their lives so they're never out of shape and condition for living their regular lives all the time, every single day.

They're not going to be 20 forever, and neither should that be the ideal -- for a person of 60, 80, 100, etc,, as these naive medical professionals (freelance writers) and exercise instructors think is the ideal.  People are fit at 20, 40, 80, etc., and not that every 80 year old has to maintain their 20 year form as the only standard. 

Adult gorillas and bears don't climb trees anymore, not because they can't -- but because they realize the dangers -- including falling, which is a reason mature people shouldn't climb the roofs of their houses anymore either.

Conditioning for life is not something extraordinary apart from actual life -- but the preparations one invariably need to do to perform their best, and so is like a warmup -- for what it is they actually do, whether that is pole vaulting or accounting -- they're exercising to get into the best condition they can be for their best efforts.

So there has to be that kind of connection for one to have exercise (conditioning) as an integral part of their lives -- instead of the brain surgery these "certified" fitness instructors think they need to be doing to override anyone's better sense and sensibilities, which obviously will be counterproductive to living the best life and exercising their own faculties not to be overridden by those  whose entire expertise is from reading "fitness" publications.


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