Friday, July 13, 2007

The Conservation of Energy

A great problem with those who “should” exercise, is that they often don’t have the energy to do it -- and the demands of the exercise requires an extraordinary release of energy they do not feel they are capable of. So to say to them that they “need” to exercise, is like saying they need to fly -- and if they could fly, they’d be in wonderful condition, extraordinary condition.

Obviously, the thing that makes sense is to create effective “exercise” that requires the least expenditure of energy -- so they can do it, because the best exercise is useless, if one never does it, even as much as they should. A lot of well-meaning people provide such Catch-22 solutions as though they’re really providing a solution -- rather than reinforcing the futility of any solutions.

That their “recommended” exercises never produce any real changes, doesn’t bother them -- because it’s just a belief system rather than a system to produce verifiable, notable, observable results/changes/effects. Such proponents seem stunned that the body can change -- momentarily and instantly, and not just after a great time has passed -- because they really don’t have a connection of being and doing. Instead, being is one thing and doing is something else, just as they have fragmented every aspect of living and experience from every other, so that nothing is related and connected to anything else. Everything is arbitrary -- so because somebody with the proper authority, said it is so. Nothing corroborates with any other reality or experience -- and things are so because the proper authorities say it is so. This is not “science” but “authoritarianism.”

One of the great tenets of all life, is the absolute imperative for the conservation of energy -- as the wisdom evolved ever since life began. There is no wisdom in the wastage of energy -- so even if a person is grossly overweight and out of shape, the proper strategy for correcting that would still be that which conserved as much energy as possible as the intelligence that body would manifest.

The surprising thing is that many of the most fit people in the world don’t spend all their time exercising -- because the amount of exercise is not responsible for their good condition they manifest, as it is the quality of their movements and activities. They may actually exercise a lot less than most other people -- but they are extremely efficient in obtaining/producing results.

It’s really a skill to achieve one’s desired “condition,” rather than “amount” of “random” effort people have been conditioned to associate with these outcomes -- which is the reason it is unappealing and unproductive for most people.

Can there be a better way -- or even another way? The people who dictate the orthodoxy won’t hear of another way, even if the way they advocate, doesn’t work for most people. They are not convinced with that compelling evidence that there can be a better way -- that works for most people!

Only, people are convinced that there can’t be an easier, more effective way -- and that is their essential problem and source of all their difficulties.


At July 14, 2007 1:31 PM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

The conservation of energy is the whole reason for conditioning -- in the first place, so that one doesn't waste time, energy and resources -- and so the conditioning that teaches one to waste (burn) as much time, energy and resources doing so, is obviously counterproductive -- teaching one to work against oneself, to become one's own worst enemy, to undermine everything one attempts in life, as some kind of an advantage.

It is no wonder most perceptive people do not "buy" the wisdom of such strategies -- but unfortunately, are not offered any alternatives, and they are even suppressed so that these few "professionals" can continue to exploit the increasing poor health and conditions in this country.

One would hope that the people in the various news and information media would be the first line of defense in seeing through thes faulty thinking, but they are too preoccupied figuring out their own scams for deceiving the people that they should be the sole sources of information in society at the top of the information hierarchies.

Thus, their entire preoccupation becomes the suppression of information rather than spreading the news of real alternatives and intelligent choices -- thinking it is enough just to coerce everyone into the latest fad idea -- that will be displaced by the next, fearing the truth will make them obsolete because there is no new faddish idea to introduce.

But it is not really necessary to create misinformation and falsehoods; they arise even despite the best of efforts to truly understand. Unfortunately, many "professionals" don't have this real understanding and insight into any field of inquiry other than to "seem to be credible," which the legitimate and sincere, easily see through.

At July 18, 2007 4:12 PM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

At first I thought it was just my imagination (wishful-thinking) but lately I've noticed increased numbers of people walking, biking, running and taking up enjoyable recreational activities -- without the previous onus that they had to strain their hearts, burn as many calories as possible, produce as much pain and misery for themselves -- in order for it to do them some (any) good.

The instruction was the problem -- as it is in any learning (education). The learning of anything is the most natural and healthful instinct of human beings -- but made undesirable by bad teachers, of which there are likely to be many more than good teachers. of all the teachers though, there will be one who is the superior teacher -- unlike the average teacher.

The good student, is he who can make that distinction -- better than all the other students can. the inferior students, cannot tell the good teachers from the bad, and think that all instruction is merely the same -- because they cannot tell any meaningful differences.

Being able to distinguish the meaningful differences, is the objective of all learning, and especially, higher learning. It begins not after one has first gotten their Ph.D. but anytime one is confident they can tell the difference -- any difference, and that ability becomes the base from which they can do their own thinking -- and not simply learn what others tell them is "correct" and right.

That is the ultimate goal of every student -- and not just to learn more of what everybody else has to teach them, without end. Such minds become full of knowledge but have no room for wisdom.

At July 18, 2007 4:41 PM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

In the real world of learning (unlike the profession of education), teachers choose students just as students choose teachers -- depending on their ability to detect exemplary merit. Some people believe that that kind of world has been outlawed -- and one must choose equally, or randomly, which of course, is not to exercise any choice at all but to be subject to arbitrariness.

At what point in consciousness was this futility and evil of choice taught? -- that one should not exercise their own best judgment but rely on the advice of the experts above and in place of one's own. When did the adjunct become the primary -- and then the exclusive?

More importantly, there is a blurring in those distinctions in which one should act and take full responsibility as an individual and those matters in which one should defer to the judgment of others -- which has been so confused that it is now reversed. And so people are more likely to feel that what matters in their life is events going on in the other side of the world, while feeling powerless and having "no choice" in the reality of their own lives and environment.

When did all this happen? It didn't. the controlling institutions just would like us to think that such a shift happened some time in the past that legitimizes whatever demands they now place on individuals to conform to the new "correctness" -- whatever they say it is.

That people are now starting to tune them out, is not allowed. But that's how recreation came back into style -- when people could determine for themselves what it is they enjoyed doing, wanted to do, and how they wanted to do it. And why shouldn't they?

People have a right to be healthy as their freedom and right of expression -- and not just because their doctor, or some other authoritarian tells them to do so -- because presumably, they know better what is good for everybody else

It's a pretty good occupation -- if one can convince everybody else of that..


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