Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Direction Of Change

The observant and perceptive have always noted that life is change -- so that is a constant, and not whether there is change or no change; there will be change. The relevant and significant question therefore, is what is the direction of that change -- because that direction is what is relevant, and not just the level, or magnitude at the moment. When there is change in one direction quite obviously and acceleratingly, we call that momentum (movement) in that direction. If one movement cancels out the next, then there is no momentum but stagnation, and no apparent change of direction, although there is much stress and effort to move somewhere, get somewhere -- but everything one does, nullifies every other.

That is the unfortunate manner in which most people think and pursue their conditioning strategies -- to get nowhere, with as much stress and effort as possible -- as though those factors alone was what produced great results, rather than merely spinning their wheels with as much noise, waste and irritation to others as possible. The results are readily apparent to the trained eye, as excessive wear and tear on a body, rather than a finely-honed machine ready for anything.

That appearance and impression is rather rare and therefore striking -- for those aware enough to notice the difference. Most do not -- mainly because they’ve never been trained to notice such differences. Those who do and can notice, have traditionally been those with a high native body intelligence -- also known and recognized as gifted athletes, or other performers. That is their job, or the way they constitutionally are -- and why there is generally recognition of those abilities without the best having to demonstrate and “prove” it.

That is quite a different sensation and experience from those who think they always have to prove themselves -- or that their competency (adequacy) will always be questioned -- as is common of those with mediocre or questionable abilities. That manner of confidence, is chiefly what the best communicates to all the others -- not in a competitive way, but in a way that is not an issue but a fact. So that is what everybody aligns their perceptions of reality around -- that indisputable and unshakable fact.

Many people taking up exercise or thinking about exercise, are easily deterred and discouraged by the enormity of their task -- in the terms that have been laid down to them as the way it has to be -- even if it is unproductive and discouraging to most. They’re simply admonished to get with the program and try harder -- rather than the inventors of such prescriptions pondering if there can be a better way, that works without fail, with a minimum of conscious effort and struggle. On hearing that, one is conditioned to dismiss it immediately as nonsense -- rather than the obvious insight and simplicity it is.

But that would be most people’s initial reaction a hundred yeas ago in being told that the fastest way to get anywhere, was to fly there. That was simply nonsense and could never be -- rather than the only thing that made sense. It’s not the effort, unpleasantness, cost or anything else associated with that tradition of thinking about transportation that is the greatest significance, but a better understanding of what one is doing, and trying to achieve.


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