Thursday, March 05, 2009

Recognizing People Who Know What They’re Talking About

People who don’t know anything about investing of any sort (money management), will reflexively advise, “Buy low, sell high,” as though that indicated a deeper understanding and mastery of the subject. Likewise, those who know next to nothing about human physiology and exercise, will tell one that they need to exercise to get their heart pumping -- having no idea that it is always pumping, and doing so unfailingly (autonomically). The last thing that will not work, will be your heart.

So logically, any program to improve one’s physical conditioning, would attend to those matters of the human body that aren’t programmed to work so well automatically and unfailingly, and in too many, not to work anymore at all voluntarily, or thoughtfully -- and that is their problem.

The problem, or challenge of circulation is not that the heart is not pumping, or is not pumping fast enough, but that space is not created to direct/allow that flow. The blood flow doesn’t go equally to everywhere but directs itself to those areas that create a need for that flow -- to remove waste products from the breakdown of cells when energy is released, and then to provide fresh nutrients to those tissues to maintain that functioning at those highest levels.

How does that happen? Does one merely think that flow to happen -- or does one produce the physical requirements to do so? Many haven’t given it any thought but like any system, one has limited resources, and for any task or purpose, one wishes to direct one’s efforts maximally to that very specific requirement for which one hopes to achieve a particular favorable result.

That’s what very skilled, not to mention specialized people do -- not everything all at once, but one very specific thing, at precisely the right time -- and then properly identify and move onto the next. But assuredly, even the world’s strongest or most intelligent person, is not one telling themselves to work as hard as they can randomly and indiscriminately, as though that were a sensible and wise manner to do anything, and had any success (survival) value at all. Such a creature would assuredly be the first to perish because they wouldn’t know what was important and what was not a priority to address and deal with.

That is the first rule of survival and fitness, that one must first observe and be aware of what is the proper thing to do before arbitrarily getting one’s heart pumping maximally, sweating as profusely as possible, and sprinting up a steep incline as fast and as long as possible before their body gives out at its weakness.

So before we impose arbitrary standards on how the body should perform under every circumstance, the intelligent person first determines, how is it presently functioning, and how to get it to change most effectively, productively and safely.

In order for circulation to an area to improve, it is seldom necessary for the heart to work any harder than it already is. Rather, the critical question is, how does one improve that circulation to the area one specifically is interested in enhancing for an immediate and dramatic beneficial effect -- as with brain functioning, or for changes in appearance and performance, and then, if more is needed beyond that present capacity to provide adequately, the body would then direct itself (automatically/autonomically) to do so -- and not that one makes those provisions without that feedback absolutely demanding it.

Thought is not the primary function of the brain -- as it is, providing for the health of the organism first, and then the other capacities are produced -- and that’s why, the person without this critical understanding, thinks that they must exercise to get their heart pumping, and then their brain will function, etc. The heart is pumping long before any thought could have arisen otherwise. So that is not its problem and essential task.

People who obsess about their health in this deliberate way, are obviously not healthy -- because the energy and thought devoted to those concerns, are a drain from its capacity to do anything else, and it is the doing of anything else rather than to be morbidly and wholly preoccupied with one’s conditioning for this ready capacity, that is health.

It is not that difficult -- but has been made to seem extremely laborious, difficult and complicated by those who wish to monopolize the gateway to well being from every member of society to master these things rightfully and properly better on their own -- rather than being deceived into thinking they know something of validity, that makes absolutely no sense when analyzed by even those with the most simple powers of observation.


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