Friday, June 05, 2009

Any Movement Can Be Your Mantra

When I give my presentations on exercise, I show five basic movements that cover movement at pretty nearly all the joints (axes of rotation) and muscles effecting them -- but I also point out, that if one feels particularly comfortable doing one while the others may pose a problem, any one of those movements could be one's mantra, or specialty that they've decided to place all their energies into mastering and perfecting -- because it is that focus and clarity of purpose and ownership of that process, that becomes the organizing principle upon which their life and health will be built.

Most people will not be motivated to become merely theoretically healthy, or if they do, it has very little meaning and cannot be measured or observed in any meaningful manner by others. Such people will vehemently insist even, that they are in perfectly good condition -- not requiring any change or modification, because in their minds, they know what they should be doing, and could be doing but never actually do -- because there is no connection between that world in which they think and how things actually are -- and that is probably the greatest reasons one must make this connection daily, as soon as one awakens and begins the activities of their day.

They need this clear understanding -- of what is reality in their minds, and how they actually interface with the real world of gravity, resistance, and limited resources. Yes, our actions would be very different if all the time, energy and money -- were not finite and even diminishing -- while at other times increasing, and one must have that connection of what the present condition actually is -- and not simply one's memory, thought and knowledge of some previous time.

That might have been useful in times when very little changed -- but now, living in a time of rapid changes and developments (discoveries) daily, one needs a new kind of "education" (conditioning) to not only meet the challenges of their present environment, but to actually change it if they can and desire to -- through their involvement, understanding and actions.

It should be obvious to observant and thoughtful people that things and events do not just happen -- but that any outcomes, are the interaction of themselves (and others) with that environment -- to create something else entirely -- or just to continue the pattern while thinking nothing can ever change or be different.

So those who can change even one thing, become very powerful "players" in the world -- capable even, of dictating what game is being played, and how that game is being played. These people change the world, because they can change themselves.

That is the beginning of every change in the world.


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