Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What Would You Like Your Muscles To Do?

The muscles of the body allow one to do any movement possible, and therefore perform any action -- and one doesn’t just will and wish things to happen, but there has to be some mechanism for actually things done. Many people lose this connection in life because they think the only action of the human being is to sit and eat -- and perform no other. Everything else, is not so reflexive and habitual and so needs a plan of action of how they are to get done.

Many people living modern lives are not thought to familiarize themselves with the various actions of the human body as a general function -- but only thought a specific action unconnected to every other. That allows the many teachers of different activities and functions, virtually unlimited things to teach, and become expert on -- because there is no universal, overriding rules to which their specific arbitrary actions must conform to.

Not only is exercise taught in this manner but every sphere of human activity -- as though each is unconnected to every other, and so in the olden days, most people could only learn to do one thing well, rather than learn just about anything they want to, when they want to. That is the revolution, or quantum leap from the industrial age of machinelike mass production, and the 21st century possibility of doing many different things, as one is prepared to do them.

In that manner, everything is a preparation for everything else that subsequently attempts -- rather than the belief that one is starting all over every time one undertakes anything new, or different -- even the same thing one is very familiar with, in a slightly different manner. So with some, there is great resistance to learning anything new -- because it threatens everything old that they know, and what they know, is their identity and source of pride, and if they lose that, they have to start life all over again, without their advantage of all they know.

The powerful new mind -- and being -- of the present age and for all times for that matter, has been one’s ability to learn the new, and not hang on to the old, as the only pathway allowed forevermore.

The most important lesson exercise instructors miss, is this one essential thing any, and every muscle, can only do -- and that is to move from full contraction to full relaxation, but because there are over 600 muscles that can move in isolation, the permutations and possibilities are virtually limitless.

But rather than the possibility of 600 muscles working independently of one another, and how to master that, one should begin with the most basic of all movements -- which is to see what it would be like if they are all doing the same thing at the same time. Everything would be premature to study and effect -- but in beginning with that simple movement, one learns what it is like to have every part working as a whole, rather than all the parts working against and at cross-purposes with one another, as the familiar confusion of contemporary life and personalities.


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