Monday, April 13, 2009

Movements That Make Sense to Master

In the teaching of exercise, isn’t it strange that all the movements that they teach one to become good at, seem to have no usefulness in real life -- while those movements that might actually be very helpful in daily living and increase one’s chances for survival (fitness), are assumed to be not necessary to practice and master.

Chief among them, would be the simple yet rather extraordinary skill and ability to look all around one and be maximally aware of all that is going on around one -- and so to take the appropriate action based upon that superiority of information. That’s who the “most valuable player” on a team invariably is -- not simply the individual who knows what he is doing, but he who knows not only what he is doing, but what everybody else is also doing.

That larger sense is “awareness” -- unlike the many people in sports and life who seem to think that what they do and any outcome, has little to do with one another, and everyone merely operates in their own little worlds -- so in the end, there is no bigger picture than just what they wanted to do, and what they thought was important -- rather than the immensely bigger picture of life.

All that mattered and matters for such individuals, is how many points they scored -- and who cares if the team won or played together. Such individuals make any game or undertaking a exercise in futility -- that the more energy and enthusiasm put out by everyone, is merely nullified by such individuals -- who think that the objective is simply for everyone to work increasingly harder, more joylessly, and without purpose as thought that were the ends in itself -- and then maybe after they and everybody else were dead, they’d be a great reward and redemption at the end of it all. But in the meantime, all of life was meant to be the joyless effort, suffering and agony -- with each meant to cancel out and defeat every other’s efforts.

Of course, they are the famous “joysuckers” that take the energy and joy out of every activity of humankind. They are those one hopes not to meet that block every roadway and byway in the paths of life -- thinking, if they can’t have it all, nobody else can.

And that’s why those skills that are worthwhile cultivating, is this ability to see the big picture and to have maximum awareness of what is going on -- instead of being increasingly trapped in one’s own thoughts, memories and knowledge of what is going on -- apart from the reality, sense and flow of it.

The obvious best example of a movement of great usefulness is to simply move one’s eyes to describe the greatest field of vision (periphery) possible while allowing one’s head movement to enable such a movement -- while noticing how such a singular movement can actually engage all the muscles of one’s body in a coordinated effort -- that can be as great a skill and ability as any other athletic movement familiar as a fitness activity and exercise.

Those are the people who the masters of movement can easily recognize in whatever venue and conditions they are in/at, that have this extraordinary awareness that makes them stand out, as having remarkable abilities -- without them having to call it to anybody else’s attention -- because that is who they integrally and consistently are, the persons who are the most aware of what is going on, beyond those who just “think” they are.


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