Saturday, March 14, 2009

First Things First

For a body to become strong, one has to locate the critical weakness and strengthen that -- rather than increase the disproportion between the strength and weakness thinking that will be the best way to strengthen the entire system. It actually increases the chances for an inevitable failure.

And that is why the current fashionable emphasis on exercise and conditioning to strengthen the heart and major muscles is precisely the wrong way to go about it, and ensures an unhappy outcome. Every breakdown in the body, begins at its weakness, and never its strength -- and why to focus on improving the human condition, one is misguided to believe that further strengthening the strengths, makes any sense at all.

But that is what you would expect from the strong -- to maintain their advantage and decrease the possibilities of greater balance and equality -- while maintaining the weaknesses and vulnerabilities for continued exploitation, of the strong at the expense of the weak. That is the unfortunate model for conditioning programs that do nothing for people but exploit those most capable of paying for such misguided instruction.

The limiting factor for all human beings is brain functioning -- and not the lack of oxygen to the heart -- which the brain monitors as its greatest priority. So immediately, one should recognize that optimal brain functioning, determines the limits of every other functioning -- and would rightly design that enhancement as its primary objective in improving the condition and functioning of the human body.

Yet we seldom take the time to review these fundamental realizations of how we hope to accomplish ultimate objectives by beginning with first things first. Modern information systems analysis and programmers begin with this methodical and systematic approach, that one has to proceed in the precise and proper order for anything to turn out right at the end. It is not enough just to do as much as one can in any order -- or to proceed by the most inefficient manner, with the thinking that there is any great virtue in wasting time, energy and resources -- which seems to be the important emphasis of many misguided and misinformed conditioning and learning programs.

Many are convinced that it is these expenditures that ensure the benefit -- and not the results, if such things are even possible with their system and manner of going about it.

Instead, we see people going through the motions with no particular order and purpose, thinking there will be a miraculous great result because they wish it to be so.


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