Tuesday, June 02, 2009

You Get Good at What You ACTUALLY Do

It's kind of amusing to hear people lament that they do not have "washboard abs" when they never do anything directly to create that effect -- but think only that in some round about way, that if they cut down their calories, walk on a treadmill for 30 minutes -- their body will know it should take on an impressive "washboard ab" look.

The only way you will be able to effectively produce that particular effect, is by practicing that direct outcome -- just as one wouldn't expect to become better at "free throws" by simply cutting down their calories and walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes.

In order to become good at any movement or appearance, one actually has to practice it and perfect that movement and outcome. But the surprising thing is that it doesn't take that much -- about 25-50 repetitions are usually sufficient to imprint that effect -- and predispose that movement and effect until it becomes integral to the memory of that muscle and nerves.

It becomes good at it because that it what it practices to perfect. The problem with contemporary modern living and lifestyles for most these days, is that what they do, is largely what they are interested in doing -- rather than what they have to do merely to survive. And given this luxury of choice and freedom, many choose to assume the shape of whatever they are being supported on, which more often than not in their leisure moments, is a poorly designed couch. Thus, people will remark that such devotees of the couch positions in all their variations, tend to resemble potatoes to a striking degree.

Not surprisingly, they have merely gotten very good at what they actually DO -- and the form they assume. It's not about calories they consume or expend, but is immediately and directly, the body they express -- largely unknowingly and unthinkingly, what desiring otherwise, that they should have "washboard abs."

But surprisingly, rather than thinking they need to walk 30 minutes each day on a treadmill to get those washboard abs, a minute daily of such focused movement is all it takes -- to achieve and perfect that effect. Right then and there, one is already doing a thousandfold more than zero -- and that is what makes the greatest difference, the greatest increment of change. Once one gets up to "50" there is negligible further gain in continuing so -- because one has already proved that such a movement can be sustained for more than the less than "10" that is characteristic, of an anaerobic movement -- by which the object is to produce failure in the momentary ability to continue.

This is a style of training frequently used by bodybuilders -- to great detrimental long term effect because it achieves its effect by causing an overcompensation to address the damaging effects of depriving circulation to the brain particularly, which then causes the cessation of ANY further efforts.

That is the importance of an "aerobic" activity -- that it doesn't shut off the circulation of blood and oxygen to the brain, by constricting the muscles and vessels to it, in activities that in this manner, are anaerobic in performance and effect. That manner of perrformance, is most characteristically in single lift maximum attempts -- or sets of repetitions less than "25," and thus that is the marker, of when a movement is being performed aerobically or anaerobically -- which is being able to carry on a conversation while performing that movement or activity.

It is not inherent to a kind of activity, but can be done with any activity -- or not. That is what one must first be mindful of -- in making a positive difference.


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