Tuesday, November 09, 2010

To Keep You in the Shape You Want to Be

The human body can express any movement or form it wants to be in -- if it actually articulates that reality and intent.

But just to have a desire to be "in shape," but have no idea what that form should take, and how to manifest it.

Bodybuilders look that way, because that is the way they want to look -- and practice it daily, or on a regular basis, so that their shape is not a random result of consuming and expending a certain amount of calories -- at random movements, and that is why all the treadmilling in the world, will not make one look like a bodybuilder, or a gymnast or ballerina, no matter how fast their hearts beat -- because the actual forms they want their muscles to take, are never articulated in that way. The muscles have no idea what form they should take -- if a deliberate message to them, never gets there, and in fact, is never sent, or even such a thought entertained, because the only emphasis is on making the heart beat faster -- which is not the difference in the shape between human beings. Most hearts, look recognizably alike -- because they have to articulate the full range of its expression -- unfailingly.

But that is not true of all the other voluntary (skeletal) muscles of the body -- that may never figure out even in all its childhood play, how it is that some people can "make a muscle," while it would never occur to others, that such a thing was even possible, and especially those "educated" to think, that the only controllable event, is making the heart beat faster -- and one would never ever desire it, to ever actually beat slower -- which all the world champions, have also to be the best at accomplishing -- because it is the rested state, that is the potential for maximizing one's power.

A muscle already fully contracted, has no potential for further contraction, or power. The muscle has to move into a relaxed state, in order to produce the power in a contraction -- at which time, muscle breaks down to release energy.

Many are told (taught) that very generalized and imprecise activities such as walking, gardening, and even running, is enough to ensure that they will be in "top shape," when in fact, the only way to achieve this condition, is to actually express the fullest contraction possible of these skeletal muscles that give the body its distinctive form, is to actually assume those positions in which the muscles are shortened (contracted), to the fullest extent of their possibilities.

This does not happen in walking, swimming, running, or other generalized activities -- because it requires a very deliberate, but not hard and difficult, familiarizing and articulation of those movements, for a brief but regular basis.

But one can't achieve the same effect and effectiveness, just by making the heart beat faster, while giving no attention to the activation and actualization of the voluntary muscles to assume the position (shape), one desires to be in. It just won't happen, because the heart, which is already in perfect condition because it has to be that way, simply does all the work and is the sole focus of one's getting into shape.

What many have been confused about, but usually haven't thought about, is the belief that it requires resistance to achieve this"work" -- rather than that it is the range of movement itself, that is the work -- in shaping the human body into the condition one wants to be in.

But countless explanations of why something should work, or the sales of heart monitors to every person in the country, is not going to make anybody one bit healthier and clearer on the meaning and purpose of what they hope to achieve.

When one has this clarity, the obvious becomes manifest.


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