Thursday, August 16, 2012

Making Exerrcise (Movement) Possible

When one works with the most senior/disabled populations, what is obvious, is that one has to create a way of making exercise and movements possible -- and not merely harder, more difficult and painful -- because they simply can't do them, and any encouragement to do so, is practically a death warrant.

That became obvious to me when a 101 year person asked me to take them on a walk of the grounds where she lived because despite living there for a while, and having many visitors, nobody had ever had the time to take her on that tour -- because it was fairly problematical to do so, since she was effectiveely blind (macular degeneration), and had recent hip surgery, requiring her to use a walker with wheels -- which was poorly adjusted so that all she could do was push it forward, and not down to support her weight -- which obviously negated the use of that walker as an aid.  

And in fact, the first thing that happened when we broke into the clear of the cars parked obstructing the sidewalk, is that the walker shot forward, with her holding on -- as she was not able to brake it, her grip strength was so diminished.  Fortunately, since I remained vigilant and attentive in providing an umbrella shade on a hot day for that excursion, I was in an excellent position to catch her as she fell forward hanging on dearly to her walker -- gracefully I might add, so that it seemed a choreographed move -- rather than the extremely perilous one it could have been otherwise.

So unlike everybody else, I advised her not to take daily walks out of either of her doors, as probably the most dangerous thing she could do that put her imminently in jeopardy, with every such incident, a life-threatening event.  Instead, I suggested she remain in the comfort of her own apartment -- which was organized for maximum effectiveness, safety and comfort -- and move her head, hands and feet as her primary exercise -- to strengthen those notable weaknesses, before even attempting a walk outside -- which she recognized as the only advice she received, that made totally good sense for a person in her condition and disabilities.

I noted that the movements at the head, hands and feet, could be done standing, seated, and even lying if she chose -- ensuring maximum safety to exercise.  This is a consideration given scant attention -- if any, by most exercisers, in deciding to jog at night with headphones blocking out all further information on potential hazardous conditions -- which of course, placed them in imminent danger that negated any health benefits they could receive in extending their life and well-being.

This is done unthinkingly in many ways -- as people decide to run marathons on the hottest day of the year, take foolhardy risks just to prove they are invulnerable, fight unnecessarily, etc.  That is mainly what most conditioning activities are about -- rather than strengthening the weak; they merely eliminate the weak from their population samples -- until they arrive at the one in ten, or one in hundred, that will confirm their belief, that that is the only course for everyone -- despite failing everyone else.

That is not "scientific" -- but merely the imposition of brute force on reality and outcomes so that nothing else is possible.  But now we live in an age and technology that makes almost everything possible -- if we can only effectively access the solutions -- that someone, somewhere, has dedicated their time, energy and focus, to discovering -- usually for their own benefit first, but to the benefit of all, eventually.

That is the powerful motivation for discoveries -- and not as many MBAs would believe, that people just sit around thinking how they can make money, and then go about figuring out ways to do so -- as though that was an intelligent way of doing anything.  The great discoveries are made, because one's very life is at stake in the matter -- and not just because they want to be "rich and famous when they grow up" -- although they haven't figured out what they want to do otherwise.

Such people come up with all kinds of worthless ideas -- and inventions, because they don't know what is meaningful and valuable to do.  Those people also think that just burning as many calories as possible, will inevitably result in something worthwhile -- while not realizing, that the greatest calamities and catastrophes of civilization and human experience, are due to this wanton expenditures of brute force and wastefulness.   That is the measure of a society that regards the consumption of resources, as a measure of its worth -- instead of the more insightful reflection, that those resources must first be created, invented and realized -- and not merely destroyed, as the intelligent human action.

That is the manifestation of human intelligence one wishes to embody -- as one does so in actual practice (conditioning).  It is not just physical conditioningtotal conditioning, and total responsiveness -- and not the fragmented and partial response to any challenge, while tying one's hands behind one's back -- in handicapping oneself in any other manner as is so ofteen the case, in limiting that responsiveness by some arbitrary conditions.  It might be that one cannot use advanced technology in accomplishing that task -- but must conform to strict guidelines of performance eliminating all the possibilities but the narrow, predetermined expectations as the only thing allowable. obviously -- but

So when people arre given no choice, no other options but to ensure their own deterioration and death, they are within their rights, to seeks out alternative realities and outcomes. including, getting unimaginably and unpredictably better.  Not everyone will welcome such liberation and freedom; many will prefer to remain behind the bars because that's all they know and think possible -- as integral to their conditioning.  They have their lives (and deaths) planned by such scenarios and preconceptions of how life has to be -- because all the experts say the same thing, taught by the same schools and teachers.

They've even been conditioned (brainwashed) to believe that no truth can be learned or discovered except from those duly-certified and qualified -- rather than the greater truth that all people are capable of discovering the truths for themselves, and that no monopoly or trade association owns that exclusive right -- that they would like everybody else to believe.   The truth is beyond the control of any one special interest group -- no matter how powerful and influential they have become, even with the consent of the governed.

That ultimately, is the supreme exercise of freedom and movement.


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