Friday, July 20, 2007

The Solution Was the Problem

Lately there are a lot of reports floated by researchers phishing for increased unlimited funding, that the physical condition of people in the country (world) is bad and at the present rate, dooms humans to extinction. When problems come to our attention, usually they do not continue on unimpeded at their present rate of destruction because that awareness of the problem, causes problem-solvers to focus on a real solution, realizing that the present solution that makes things get worse, is obviously the problem.

Every solution is a short-term solution, and not The Final Solution demagogues promise, after which, no other problems will ever arise -- if we just let these dictators make all the decisions for everybody else, what is best for everybody, especially themselves -- of which all the refundable tax credits, have mysteriously ended up in their private bank accounts -- for their solutions.

Still the newspapers dutifully report, the problems get worse each year -- demanding even more government funding for these “experts.” The previous generation were quite spectacular failures at having established themselves as the unquestioned authorities on conditioning and well-being, because most of the fit, refused to join their ranks in exploiting and terrorizing the unfit. That is generally characteristic of the strong -- that they have no desire or need to exploit others, and have always been the most helpful to others.

But there are many more who confuse power for strength, and think that the strong spend all their time bullying and intimidating anybody they can -- in the same manner they think that intelligent people go around calling everybody else, “Stupid,” because they have no idea what it is that really intelligent people do. Along the way, they’ve seen a few people explode in rage that they were not accorded the treatment they truly deserved -- and thought that was how powerful and important people behaved, and that’s what they wanted to be too, if they ever were allowed to.

Many of them unfortunately, were drawn into the instruction professions because it allowed this exercise of power over complaisant captive populations -- until such abuses were so evident and unproductive, they were abandoned entirely, and so the condition of the population, rather than reaching the predicted highest actualizations, were only given lip-service while obviously avoided by anyone who could think of a good excuse. The best was that they were “Too busy,” because the suggested regimen demanded that participants discard every other priority and activity in their life, so that they could achieve their ultimate best condition, and would have little time, energy and money for anything else.

So this first generation of fitness optimization was a spectacular failure -- never quite deciding definitively who really knew what they were talking about, but if it sold, that must be the proof of something. People are always impressed by commercial success, even if the product they are selling, is totally worthless. And in fact, that was the primary if not exclusive motivation for many operating in the health field -- that their professed love for mankind, was about the love of the money of mankind.

So now the professional fund raisers and grant writers are asking these amateurs to step aside and let the real professionals take over and operate.


At July 20, 2007 2:52 PM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

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If they send all those overweight people into outer space, they’ll all be weightless — and that would solve their problem, and probably be even more fun than underwater weighings and measurement.

I think weight is the least significant measurement of fitness. Far more important in determining an individual’s fitness is their ability to learn and adapt — as any situation requires and so the prototype of the unvarying repetition on the treadmill and maintenance of constant target heart rate is not an indication of ability to change — and that is what defines one’s fitness, and survival of the fittest.

Without that kind of natural challenge and response, people get bored and lose interest, meaning and purpose in their conditioning activities — and their bodies take on that condition and shape.

Those are the people predictably sitting at their desks munching on a bag of Cheetos, wondering what is going on, thinking the next bite will be better than the last.

The flaw in the technocrats’ approach to conditioning was using the “average” as a benchmark for desirable — rather than the discovery of the range of variability, and emulating those with qualities without prejudice as to what they have to be.

Most people, understand the wisdom and prefer the solution of obtaining maximum results for as little effort as possible, rather than the prescription given by the previous fitness experts — of putting out the maximum expenditure of time, energy and money, for as little results as detectable.

There will be predictably be fewer and fewer signing up for those activities and programs — with good reason, which doesn’t mean there can’t be a better, easier way of attaining and maintaining optimal health and condition. It’s the understanding, and not the effort, that needs to change.

Then everything changes. Otherwise, continuing on the present course, is a certain and obvious failure.

At July 20, 2007 3:15 PM, Blogger Mike Hu said...

By the way, I pioneered many of the concepts of this new understanding in a better, easier way -- than the previous belief in the miracle of change through brute force and effort.

That might have been the world humankind grew up and lived in but that is no longer the environment one has to adapt to. Rather, it is a life of abundance as well as the ability to do things gracefully and effortlessly as a mark of great skill and understanding. That is the survival imperatives -- beyond brute force and utter ruthlessness.

It doesn't take a lot of skill to destroy a house, however, it's more valuable and requires more skill and a lot of other attributes to build a house, and particularly a beautiful and optimally functional one. And that is what one should be doing -- for the house of the soul and personality, that is one's body.

This is the refinement of the highest understanding of contemporary civilization and culture. This is not the gross, the crude, the vulgar -- but the sublime, the subtle, the refined -- the art of living in these remarkable, unprecedented times, as all times are -- if we can appreciate it rightly.

There are always the defenders of the status quo and tradition that insist and demand that progress is evil, unnecessary and impossible -- and the fate of humankind is to continue to do what has always been done before, even if it has lost all meaning and context.

Real, immediate change, changes everything -- but change expected to occur only at some time in the future, ensures that everything stays the same -- in that present moment, which is the seed of the future. Rather than doing "nothing," what the dysfunctional person does unerringly, is to reinforce the past, so that the present and future is overruled by that past. therefore, there is no hope for change but only the continuation of the past -- which they already know to be the problem.


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