Monday, December 10, 2007

Exercising For Life

Undoubtedly the most misguided piece of exercise information in the last 50 years has been the notion that the primary reason for exercising is to provide more work for one’s heart, as though that was an unconditionally good thing to do -- instead of the primary reason many people don’t take it up, and particularly those in most need of it -- which are those in the weakest condition, for which the benefits of exercise (enhanced circulation) can be a critical need.

The heart always does its job of pumping blood -- unfailingly, and that automatic (autonomic) function, must be considered the base support level -- or the constant rather than the variable one is trying to deliberately impact. That would be like changing all the rules of physics rather than first understanding them -- and then wondering why one can’t make a difference in the world, and in one’s own life, rather in the simple understanding of those things that can make a huge difference with only a little bit of attention paid to them, of simple awareness and attention to what matters, and not of all those things that do not.

When one is feeling, sleepy, weak, or otherwise “disabled,” the directive to jump up out of one’s deathbed and run a marathon or bench press one’s bodyweight, would be to anybody who knows anything about anything, a sure sign that such advisers (experts) knew nothing about anything -- except in the world of academia and popular media, such beliefs are highly valued because they test the limits of incredulity and gullibility of such audiences for the sales pitches to follow.

The remarkable thing is that such critical movement, is also the basis for improvement and performance at the highest levels of accomplishment also -- as one who executes “the basics” with such a mastery that there is no weakness in the foundation of their preparations.

The whole objective of conditioning exercises for one’s own life, is not to make everybody their own cardiologist (or expert of their choice), but simply to improve their performance and functioning as the presently are right now -- in the understanding that optimal functioning produces its own efficiencies.

Therefore, it is not an accident that world champion athletes look like world champion athletes -- because their movements require them to be in that condition.

But that doesn’t mean a bedridden person needs to pole vault 20 feet in order to regain their health; they simply need to restore greatest functioning and movement to those most critical movements of the head, hands and feet -- that most conditioning programs ignore entirely, or remarkable improvement at every level would be easily achieved and effected.

There is a real simplicity and obviousness to this that every group of “professionals” tries to complicate as much as possible for their exclusive benefit and profit -- including many of the health and other “helpful” industries -- that may in fact, only serve their own job security rather than the health and interests of the consumers, who should remain the ultimate judgment of this -- despite the self-regulating self-interest group’s demand that they know what is best for everybody else.

Some people, in every walk of life, in every activity, have more integrity in this than others, and can see clearly that everybody else in the world does not exist for their own exclusive benefit -- as lifelong cash cows to be milked as long and lucratively as possible. That is not one’s entitlement but their own responsibility in thinking things through despite “what the experts say.”

In another time, that might have been more difficult to do -- with most people less educated and having less or no access to the information of the world. Particularly helpful is the information outside of one field in obtaining a broader perspective of the truth universal to many fields -- and not that every specialty has their own unique truths and hierarchy to transmit those truths.

That insight is probably the greatest key to the understanding and success of every endeavor any individual or society has ever undertaken.


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