Saturday, March 01, 2008

Life Changes -- If You Let It

Probably everybody has their own unique cycle, but my life seems to change course radically every ten years or so, on the eights. Others I have met, seem to think that life never changes, but is one endless repetition of every other day lived before, which they do everything in their power to ensure that that is so. So quite predictably, nothing ever changes in their life, of which they are proud to ensure, can never be different.

In some places, a whole culture has revolved around this resistance to change -- and any “change” proposed, is merely to ensure, that everything will stay the same. And so great public works projects are proposed at great cost that will enshrine the present condition -- rather than solve any problem, because the overwhelming and insurmountable problems, is what makes that culture, lifestyle and personalities endearing -- that they are living monuments to the past, in a world too quickly changing for their tastes, aptitudes and inclinations. They want a sense of permanence, even if that permanence is a living death -- which is the unresponsiveness of all the challenges of changes that life brings.

For such people, their lives and everything in it, is an elaborate personal pyramid that is a testimony, legacy and tribute to their having once lived -- as though such possessions and accumulations were all that signified having lived. Meanwhile, every meaningful moment was sacrificed to that “immortality” that existed only in their thoughts, fantasies, dreams -- while the reality of life passed them by, first in denial and then brutal repression and suppresion.

Thus such people regard life as an endless struggle -- against the real and reality. The default value for life is “change” -- and one has to deliberately set oneself against change, for those things not to happen. People do not change because they have a fixed image of their lives as "not changing" -- fearing losing who they are if they were to change, rather than in the greater realization, that they can never discover the person they can be, unless they were willing to change and find out all they can be.

For the former, the accumulations of possessions and memories to their lives, is what they think living is about -- rather than the constant responses to change, that is always changing -- as long as they are alert and responsive. Life moves them along -- and one does not have to reinvent the wheel for any progress to take place; one merely needs to be willing to go along for the ride.

But unfortunately, even in this day and age, many cultures and societies still perpetuate as its greatest objective, forever staying the same, as its highest aspiration and meaning of life, that are manifested most visibly and obviously, in the personalities of that society. The “problem” of many people with problems, is that they have been conditioned to believe that they have to always be that way, or that changing is the most difficult thing in their lives -- rather than the proper conditioning and realization, that one has to resist change to stay the same, self-limiting person as who they are and feel they must always remain.


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