Monday, December 31, 2007

The Most Important Exercise: Understanding Conditioning

It’s twenty years now in which I’ve broken from the traditional thinking on exercise -- incorporating and integrating everything previously done and known, to come to the realization that what was needed, was not more effort in the manner people have been exercising for ages, but with a different understanding that works -- because nothing else is possible!

A rare few come upon that understanding sometimes in their lives -- but most think that a tool is something one beats another thing with, and if the desired result is not forthcoming and self-evident, the only thing required, is to pound harder. But that is not anyway to treat the most precious tool one will ever encounter -- which is the human body itself and all it can do.

We call that ultimate limit, “potential,” which is a small fraction of what ultimately may be possible. In our thinking on the physical functioning of the human body, we usually limit that thinking to running, jumping, and lifting -- rather than that those may be a way of demonstrating prowess in sporting activities, but are not the best models of what the body can be trained and conditioned to do to achieve and maintain its ultimate best functioning -- not just for running, jumping and lifting, but in the best understanding of the workings of the body, and how best to optimize those base functioning.

The two activities that must persist throughout life, are the long recognized functions of circulation and respiration, which are not necessarily optimized automatically, although there is a built-in autonomy, that is not everything. For many years now, medical science, as well as the study of everything else, was divided and fragmented and compartmentalized into many specialized (partial) views, thought to be virtually exclusive of every other thing going on in the universe, or even in one life.

But that led to its ultimate disintegration and destruction of contemporary lives until a few pioneers recognized the need for reintegration and re-creation based upon the dramatic new understandings that had revolutionized virtually every aspect of life we know today -- as opposed to the realities we knew and lived in as recently as twenty years ago. Some people were on the leading edge of that awareness -- but it is now increasingly evident, a generation later, why it is absolutely necessary now.

The gain over these last twenty years has been a whole generation of life that has never been lived before or even thought possible before. But now it is becoming increasingly real for many more known as the Baby Boom generation now moving into this phase of life in which they can reclaim their lives -- to do with as best everything else has prepared them for.

There will be a clear divergence of people still living the traditional lives -- in retirement and decline, while others recreate their lives in wholly new possibilities, many actualizing the possibilities formerly thought only for the young and inexperienced.

Happy New Life!


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