Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Miracle of “Accidents”

The disservice of our socialization (education), is the belief that most people already know, what they are merely setting out to discover -- as if they knew already, what every result would be -- rather than finding out the actual truth of the matter. Such a manner, enables people to persist in their beliefs of what is true, contrary to what experience and the facts make obvious to everybody else.

We call such easily deluded people “academics,’ or those with a “high IQ,” but who fail to exhibit intelligence in any tangible and meaningful way -- except on those IQ tests, which not coincidentally, are created by the academics themselves to “prove” their great intelligence, despite not displaying it in any practical sense, otherwise.

The objective of any real inquiry, is to discover what one doesn’t already know, rather than merely to confirm what one already knows, and if the experience and actuality does not confirm it, is denied, suppressed and discarded as a statistical aberration, or exception to the rule that they are certain must be “right” -- despite all and any evidence to the contrary.

This is unfortunately what many people “know” -- and will defend to their dying breath as “the truth” -- which they believe is every citizen’s dutiful obligation to defend as the basis and foundation of everything they believe to be true and good in life. However, at some point in life, most people have an experience that causes them to question whether everything they were “taught’” in this way as the truth, actually is the truth, which is usually the great awakening of adolescence and the annoying habit of questioning and challenging everything -- even that which should be “self-evident” to anyone.

That is fine as a stage to developing a systematic method of inquiry in determining the truth and validity in all matters. A few proceed further down this path and are convinced that everything is an illusion, deception and “too good to be true,” whereupon, one comes to distrust even one’s own senses in favor of the rationalizations, explanations and theories of others -- and have no way to distinguish these differences.

The opportunity for emerging from this conundrum is the “happy accident” that does not go according to the best laid intentions and expectations of the life one has constrained themselves to experiencing. Instead, one comes to experience a world far greater in its range than one was taught existed, and dutifully, was thought to see as the actual limits of the universe of reality.

At such moments, one makes contact with the real and actual, and life is changed from that of a limited possibility, to the virtually unlimited possibilities of life in its totality. That is real life and actuality, and not merely what was taught as that society’s limits on experiencing the fullness of life -- to just what the powers that be and defenders of the status quo, would like everyone to think is the world they control, to their exclusive benefit, profit and self-aggrandizement.

It is this accident of programming, that allows one to see the world beyond. That’s how great discoveries come about: one is open to the unknown, and not merely secure, in their own knowledge, which “protects” them from venturing beyond -- to the actual limits of truth and the total possibilities of reality -- yet they will think they have seen and done it all.


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