Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Conservation of Energy

Probably the greatest principle of life, is the need to conserve and manage its resources properly (successfully), including and especially, the absolute requirement for the conservation of energy -- and not its waste and inefficiency as though that was the virtue of life and living -- which is precisely why the present paradigm of contemporary life, especially and including fitness conditioning programs, goes against every sensibility of life that has evolved wondrously over hundreds of millions of years.

Understanding and appreciating life at that most basic level, enables to fully benefit from all the miracles of life and living, rather than constantly be fighting against, as though all pre-existing intelligence and evolution is the enemy, rather than the whole reason for being.

In the gyms, as well as all the other places information is transmitted, one should be careful to note what overarching message of life is being promoted. Is it a struggle against life on every front and particularly one’s own body, or it it the careful monitoring and heeding the information it is constantly providing us (biofeedback), which is reality.

Many schools teach a disdain for the information available to everybody and every common sensibility -- as though that was the height of human attainment and achievement, rather than the reason for its foolishness and folly. That is what the common recognizes in such people so full of their theories, explanations, and rationalizations for everything, that the obvious is not as obvious to them as it is to everybody else. Instead, for such individuals, everything is the opposite of what it seems -- and so their greatest enemy, is their own commonsense -- in deference to fools proclaiming their great wisdom that flies in the face of self-evident truth.

Giving in to the obvious is also the conservation of energy -- rather than the denial, suppression, distortion of what is, which some people, think is their whole meaning and purpose in life, their unique calling. Such individuals are the hopelessly deluded making themselves very visible with their messages -- on street corners, protest opportunities, and every forum they can commandeer. That dysfunction is predictable among the marginally balanced -- but less noticed is how that strategy is also adopted by many in the mainstream who think they tolerate no such nonsense.

Conditioning oneself by wasting as much energy as possible and creating great inefficiencies as though that were some kind of genius, is utter stupidity. The only thing that would make sense for supremely intelligent life forms to manifest and express, is the teaching of the greatest conservation and intelligent management of the abundance of resource life has already given them -- and not the need to develop more to waste evermore thoughtlessly.

That is the whole secret of achievement and perfection in every field of human activity, and all of life for that matter. The conservation and efficiency of energy and movement, would be the highest teaching of any conditioning for fitness -- and that is how one would recognize it.


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