Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The National Health Crisis As I See It

Most of the mainstream media and the political talk addresses the health care problem as the matter of 50 million Americans being uninsured -- rather than the appalling physical conditions of the 50 million Americans who are insured yet whose health is only a step away from a total disability.

It's no secret that at some of the best paid and most secure workplaces in the country, that you see people who are grossly overweight and out of any recognizable human shape -- and so their health problems is not the lack of access to medical care and health benefits. In fact, that health care system seems to enable their bad habits and makes them feel secure that if the worst happens, they have full coverage, and can then can go on full disability for the rest of their lives -- even if they have to fake it a little, until there is no real difference from their actual capabilities, because they have no way of exercising them.

So the real problem is not the lack of this professional care and expertise, but actually the results of an understanding of basic health that undermines the actualization of greatest health -- because of that reliance and mentality of the medical health system to make one well, rather than as each individual's primary responsibility, calling and duty. I think that is the real issue -- this manner of thinking.

Such conditioning begins with the present education of relying on the "other" to provide one's guidance and competence -- rather than each individual empowering themselves in that way. The ultimate consequence of such codependencies is that we eventually get to the point in which it requires two or more, to take care of the life of one -- and obviously, such a society must fail -- because there is no longer the energy and resources for anybody to pull ahead at that point. The efforts of society are entirely consumed in preventing death, disease and dysfunction: that is dystopia -- a vision of reality in which everything is a problem, as opposed to the utopia, where every effort is a solution.

But many are conditioned to undermine and contradict every good society creates -- if only at first, as a devil's advocate -- to argue for argument's sake, as though that was an intelligent thing to do -- rather than the great waste of resources in solving imaginary problems so that there is no time, energy and resources to solve the pressing and urgent problems of the day. That waste is often called entertainment -- for those who don't know how to employ their efforts in productive channels.

You see them all the time in newspaper forums trying to discourage others from doing anything worthwhile -- as though the status quo of seemingly insurmountable problems and difficulties, must only get worse -- because that is their essential conditioning and orientation, which they feel they must propagate to everyone else .

So the great challenge of society at this time, is the education and conditioning to create a an intelligent nation of problem solvers rather than problem creators -- as though that was an intelligent and productive thing to do. But the hope and promise of these times as any other, is that the few who do solve problems, continue to outstrip those who can only foresee a worsening of the human condition as the only fate for humankind


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